13 Jul 2010

In The Red

Sunglasses: New Look, Necklace: Old, Shirt: Zara, Shorts: Diesel, Bag: Primark, Espadrilles: Ebay
Hi Guys,
Hope you are all well and having a great week :) I'm counting days for my holiday. We are flying on Monday :D Can't wait. Three weeks great weather, delicious food and beach.

The pics above are from Sunday. The weather was really weird. Sunny but not very warm. I love espadrilles in the summer. They are sooo comfy :) Do you like them as well??

I have received my ELF order yesterday :) I bought loadsssssss :) I have ordered for the first time and because it's soo cheap I bought loads. I will do a Haul post in the next few days :) Can't wait to try everything.

I'm off to bed now. Have to work tomorrow.

Love you all :)



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Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I like the red details!

GiveMeFashionNow said...

love your shoes!!!

you should check out my giveaway!!


Rianna Bethany said...

Love the coordinating red, looks brill
Rianna xxx

Miranda said...

Great casual outfit!

Sui Mode said...

Espardiller süper rahatlığı tartışılmaz zaten.İyi tatiller geçirmeni dilerim.ELF yorumlarını da bekliyorum kullandıktan sonra..İngilizcem idare eder ama türkçe yazmayı tercih ettim :)

The Queen of Hearts said...

how adorable are you?!

The Black Queen

Chelsea and Korina said...

I love your pop of color here!


naz said...

love your retro style sunglasses..red shoes look like toms. ( www.toms.com ) ..


Frickys said...

Yes yes yes to the length of these shorts! And great job with the red detailing!

xoxo from Bulgaria

Get Gawjus! said...

I love your styling Tugba! Chic as always :)

Maria Teresa Iannucci said...

I hope you become my supporters as I have it become you

Kimberley said...

Hey, you looked fab as always! really enjoy reading your posts!, Ive just started my own... still very basic but im working on it! take a peek!



Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

Rand said...

this is soooooooooooo lovely!!!:)

My Republic of Fashion said...

really cute casual outfit. Love all your red bits!SarahD:)

Anonymous said...

what a cute outfit! i really love the sunglasses

miss_vogue said...

ohhh i looooove the red details :)

eveline fashion-diary said...

you are a very beautifull woman!
i love how your wear - casual but chic

wait for the nest posts :)


Anonymous said...

Great outfit :) ! I'll definitely vote for you :)

Nikki said...

I really love your sunglasses and necklace!!



Julia mode said...

lovely shoes ;D

allthatshewants said...

i love your glasses soo much!

Hetty said...

I love the red accents and your sunglasses!


Next-Trend.Com said...

it's such a nice outfit :) ! I love the touches of red !

Parisa said...

I ADORE that necklace, it's so striking and gorgeous! xxx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful!! I love your red accessories!! xxoxoxoxoo

Ell said...

I love the sunglasses & the shoes look cute!

Stilliebende said...

Das Outfit sieht super schön aus!!
Und du natürlich auch :)

Lara said...

You look pretty, dear!

Love your glasses


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