3 Jan 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Wishing you guys a super happy and healthy new year... filled with fashion and beauty :)

Found this image on Pinterest yesterday and I thought it described my New Years Resolutions really well :) What are your New Years Resolutions? Take care xxx Tugba

27 Dec 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS :) Hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. I stayed this Christmas in London and had a very chilled time with endless food and movies. I'm a bit sad that Christmas already over :( I think the time up to Christmas is my favorite time of the year :)  

I'm off to Exeter tomorrow for New Years Eve :) My sister lives there and my mum is currently visiting her so we will spend New Years Eve together. I'm looking forward to meeting up my old friends (As some of you know I studied at Exeter University and lived there 6 years). Planning on checking out second hand shops and go a bit sale shopping :) 

Last week I attended our agencies Christmas party and this is what I wore :) I thought I share it with you ASAP as it could be a good inspiration for your New Years outfit :) Its very glamorous and totally suitable for New Years Eve but at the same time super comfortable. A good change from all the party dresses that all girls are wearing :) If I would have not worn this to the agency Christmas party I definitely would have worn it on New Years Eve :) Now I need to figure out what to actually wear on New Years Eve by tomorrow lunch time :(

Let me know what your plans are for New Years Eve and whether you have already decided what you will be wearing :) xxx Tugba

Jumpsuit: Ebay, Heels: Second Hand from a brand called WITTNER

8 Dec 2013


Hello :) Hope you had a great weekend. Unfortunately, I'm still ill and have been in bed the whole weekend. Its getting really on my nerves. Once I'm feeling better I will get a flu jab done as I have a weak immune system and I keep getting ill constantly. Anyway... enough of illness :) I had mentioned to you ages ago that I was working on a DIY :) 

TADAAAA... may I present my DIY cutoff cowboy boots. I bought these cowboy boots a year ago from a charity shop in London. Italian leather... super good quality. However, I never wore them as I'm not that much into cowboy boots if I'm being honest :( So I looked on pinterest for inspiration on how I can DIY the boots :) and this is the final outcome :) What do you think? I love my new boots :) Have now worn them endless times :) xxx Tugba

What you need :)

- A pair of boots - It doesn't have to be cowboy boots but it just looks better in my opinion due to the patterns on cowboy boots. 

- Scissors

Snip, Snip, Snip

- Just cut where you want your boots to end. I suggest cutting it straight first and once done you can cut the inside lining as well so its not visible when wearing. 

Voila - your done


4 Dec 2013


Hallo :) I'm still super sick... but I had prepared this post a while back so I thought I will share it with you today. Victoria from VIPXO is one of my favorite bloggers :) I'm addicted to her Ebay Wishlist Basket posts :) I love eBay and I shop A LOT on eBay so her eBay related posts are good inspiration for me and most of the time the items land in my own eBay basket. So I thought I will start a similar column on my blog :) These are all the things that I'm currently craving or have already bought last week on eBay :) Let me know what you think and which one you will be buying? Enjoy xxx Tugba

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