25 Sept 2012


Hello hello :)
If you follow me on twitter than you probably know that I combined my business trip with a day trip to Bali :) My business trip was in Jakarta and Bali is only 1.5 hours away - by plane.

We rented a scooter with a colleague and drove around a bit. Its nice but would not travel again all the way from Europe to Bali. We are quiet lucky as the Mediterranean countries are beautiful and only a jump away.... But at least I have seen it now :) and we should all try and see as many countries as possible. Always a good experience. I will leave you with couple of pics :) I have more pics from Bali. Will share more this week :)



24 Sept 2012

A belated wedding post

I know I know :( I always promise to blog more regularly but than nothing happens. I'm really sorry guys. My life is mad right now. New role at work, I'm moving and last week I came back from a business trip from Indonesia. Once I moved and settled in in my new role hopefully I will have more time for my blog :) Plus hubby is FINALLY joining me in London. Yuppii... I have my personal photographer back.

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