31 Mar 2013

Halli Hallo :)

I finally got round to share an outfit post from last weekend :) My sister and me went to Paris for the weekend. It was awesome :) Believe it or not it was the first time I went to Paris. I can not believe how I could miss out on this amazing city. I went to several French pharmacies and stocked up on French skincare products :)
I'm off to watch a movie now. Isn't it nice to have tomorrow off :)
Have a nice evening.

Fur waistcoat:Romwe, Blazer and Boots:H&M, Jeggings: Uniqlo, Blouse: Noname

20 Mar 2013

Hello :)

Its super cold in London therefore an outfit with a lot of layering. I'm fed up of wearing my thick winter coats so I'm going the layering route :)
Have a wonderful day. 

Rucksack: H&M, Jeggings: Oasis, Jumper and Blazer: H&M, Shirt and Raincoat: Primark, Beanie: Ebay

13 Mar 2013

My Perfect Sunday

Heyo :) I was contacted by the lovely people from Max Studio to create for them my "My Perfect Sunday" outfit/wishlist... I have never heard of Max Studio but once I was on the website I was very pleasantly surprised. I love the simpleness but yet edginess of the clothes. I fell in love with their capes and trench coats - super tailored which I LOVE! I will leave you with my perfect Sunday outfits :)

My Perfect Sunday

Max Studio top, £52 / Max Studio top, £46 / Max Studio shirt, £32 / Max Studio , £52 / Max Studio cape coat, £165 / Max Studio top, £46 / Max Studio single breasted jacket, £200 / Max Studio quilted nylon jacket, £165 / Max Studio wool blazer, £200 / Max Studio slim pants, £66 / Max Studio brown corduroy pants, £66 / Max Studio , £86 / Max Studio slim pants, £39 / Max Studio top, £26 / Max Studio sunglasses, £60 / Max Studio gradient lens sunglasses, £46 / Max Studio , £39 / Max Studio sunglasses, £60

4 Mar 2013

Halli Hallo :)

Just went through my hard drive and found these pics from last summer :) So I picked all the silly ones... 

Every summer has a story... enjoy my story :)



Not sure what the goal of this pose was :)
 What an achievement :) 3 step jump... According to my face it is a 10m jump.
 Breathing in to hide my belly - I GUESS :)
Archaeologist Tugba :) Very serious business... 
 Forget the serious business... forget the volcano :) Let's be happy...
We love braids :) especially on holiday.

No comment! 
Ahmmmm... yes :) Hi...
Tired!!! Both of us :)
 I LOVE the jump pic :) so one more time for you...

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