31 Jan 2011


Heyo Babes,

Long time no see. I know I keep repeating it in every post but uni is pretty intense. No time for a break. Therefore, I decided to take my own break. I'm going on Saturday to Germany for a week. See family and friends and have short break from all the stress.

Just came from Uni. It's bloody cold again :( Was really happy when it was a bit warmer the last couple of weeks. Thought I could put away my winter coats but now that it got colder - Well, that was that!

It's really weird but I'm such a beauty junkie right now :) Never bought that many cosmetics. I will do a separate post this week :) showing all my goodies.

As you can see from the pic :) I'm wearing tie bow again. I'm sooo in love with tie bows at the moment. The one that I'm wearing in the pic is my hubbys hehehe He wore it to our wedding. Funny don't you think?? Do you like women wearing bow ties??

I'm off now. Will eat something and than bed.

Take care



27 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

I popped into Boots quick and saw they have the Free Nails Inc. with Diet Coke promotion again :) Last time I could not get my hands on it but was over the moon when I saw it today. I got a nude one and purply one. Do you like?? Did you take advantage of the promotion??



26 Jan 2011


OMG J Aren’t they gorgeous?? I love that they look very old school. Which one is your favourite?? I think if I had enough money I would buy all colours *greedy*

2 Jan 2011

Sunday's Outfit

Denim Shirt & Boots: Topshop, Skirt: Primark, Jacket: H&M, Hat: Accessorize

Have a nice evening :)



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