18 Feb 2013

I was given the opportunity to model on Friday :) Packed with a small bag of medication (as I was still very poorly that day) and a huge bag full of clothes I made my way to the studio... this is the outcome :)



13 Feb 2013

The Master of Couture

Halli Hallo :) I'm writing from my bed... I'm super sick :( a terrible cold/flu... whatever it is! I have been in bed since Monday evening and I'm extremely bored but I don't have the energy to get up. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can go back to work. 
Two weeks ago I went to Somerset House to view the Valentino Master of Couture exhibition :) It was amazing. I love Valentino! Even his Couture dresses are very wearable. I don't mind a bit craziness when its Couture but some designers are going really wild :D then I ask myself who would actually wear this? On the other hand one could argue that Couture is art and not made to be worn :)

What I loved about the exhibition was that it was in the form of  a catwalk show. So basically all guests, myself, were walking the runway to get a closer look at the amazing dresses he created throughout his life. In between the dresses there were empty chairs with celebrity names who wore his dresses in that decade. 
The final part of the exhibition displayed videos showing special sewing techniques he used for the dresses. I thought that was the most interesting part :) I love sewing even though I'm not very good at it. My grandma taught me how to sew a pillow and other basic things when I was younger hahaha :D Yes I can sew pillows. I think she regretted teaching me as I ended up sewing 10 pillows for her...
If you are interested in the exhibition you still have time to go :) Its on till the 3rd March - click here.
I bought a ticket for the Exhibitions on Film - Valentino the last Emperor session on the 2nd March but unfortunately I can't go :( Really gutted. 
I would love to post more outfit pics but unfortunately there is no one who can take pics of my outfits during the week :( I could use the remote control in the mornings but its too dark... and I hate using flash.
Take care guys.

Outfit details: Hat, Jumper and Trousers: H&M, Fur waistcoat: Romwe, Shoes: No name, Bag: Topshop, Scarf: Primark
Getting angry :)
My beloved yellow Lumia 820 :) 

3 Feb 2013

A very HOLY DIY :)

When I saw this shirt couple of weeks ago in the GERMAN In Style I knew I had to have it :) So I searched the net as well as ebay but NADA - sold out. Asos was selling the original version of the shirt - here but out of stock :( So I decided to DIY. I bought the iron on letters on ebay and the shirt is from H&M Menswear. Last weekend I finally got round to try it out. It turned out to be nice :) I still have a lot of iron on letters left. Any suggestions what else I could iron on? xxx Tugba

German In Style version :)
You need: Plain Shirt, Iron-on letters, Iron
 Cut and position the letters :) As I'm a perfectionist it took me half an hour till I had positioned the letters as I want... 
Further instructions on how to use the iron-ons is included in the pack :) READ CAREFULLY... I left the iron on the letters for too long so some letters turned out weird :) But I like the look it gives it a special touch.
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) this is how my shirt turned out at the end... I really like it but lets see whether it will survive the next wash.

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