26 Dec 2010

Christmas Outfit

Fur Coat: Boutique London, Hat: Vintage, Shrug & Shirt: No Name, Trousers: River Island, Wedges: Ebay, Bag: Present from Mum

Hi Babes :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)
Our families are abroad so we spent Christmas with friends. We had a wonderful time. 

I'm at home today catching up with all the Uni work that I should have done the last three days :( Have been so lazy. Can't motivate myself. I'm so glad it's my last year. 

Hubbs took some photos of my outfit yesterday. I wore a sequin shrug and a hat to make the outfit more formal. I really struggled to decide what to wear yesterday. What did you wear? 

The sale started today :-/ I'm really skint so I stayed at home. For the first time in many many years I stayed at home and didn't go sale shopping on boxing day. Really depressive! I have to wait till I get paid from my part time job... *Rub Hands* 
Did you go sale shopping today? If you are not from the UK when does the sale in your country start?

Have a nice evening :)



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