30 Jan 2013

Hollywoods hottest workout class is now in London :) I only discovered it last night when i was watching Ruth's video (amodelrecommends). I have heard a lot of Barry's Bootcamp. I bought one class to try out to see what all the hype around is :) I'm a bit scared though...But the worst that can happen is that I faint LOL

Anyone wants to join me?? :)

Check out their website: http://www.barrysbootcamp.com/


Random :)

I still have some random pics on my phone from my Mexico and Brazil trip so I thought I share it with you :) Some are not very quality because I used Instagram :(



Samba costume :) Don't you think I look a teeny tiny bit like a Victoria Secret angel :D maybe to 60%?
I climbed the Pyramids in Mexico City :) 
On the top of the Sugarloaf in Rio :) AMAZING VIEW!
Trying to dance Samba :) FAIL!
Poser :)
Still haven't decided whether I like this pic or not :) I guess I like the look of my complexion but nothing else :)
Ray Ban Clubmaster :) LOVE!
A really weird pose :)

26 Jan 2013

I'm back in London :) After 1 week on a business trip in Mexico City and Sao Paulo AND of course 1 week holiday in Rio :) For the first time I went on a summer holiday in the winter and I've decided to try and do it every year from now on :) It was amazing spending time at the beach while it was snowing in London :)

Two conclusions of my trip :)

1. Latin men flirt like other men breathe :)
2. Brazilian men and women are seriously beautiful... no exaggeration!

Look at the sky :) 
Coco water every day :) Much nicer than the packed up version we buy in the UK.
Check out the water drops under my elbow :) 
The beaches in Rio are stunning... The best I've seen so far. Exactly like on TV LOL :)
TOOOOO many ugly men and women playing football at the beach :) right in front of your eyes...makes you want to close your eyes ;)
That's how I feel when I'm at the beach :) FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I lived the whole week by these rules :) AMAZING!

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