29 Jun 2010

Life is Too Short

Hi guys,  
Since my last post something very sad and unexpected has happened. My grandma died on Thursday morning so I flew to Greece on Thursday evening. I came back yesterday. I'm under shock and really sad. I just can't believe it that I won't see her ever again. It’s the first time that someone close dies. I really don't know how I will get over this hard time.  

22 Jun 2010

Hat: New Look, Glasses: Ray Ban, Polo Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Watch: Peacocks, Shorts & Bag: Turkey, Shoes: Deichman

Hi Guys :) 

Hope you are all well and had a great weekend. The weather has been great in the UK :) I can't wait for the weekends so I can wear all my summer clothes. It is quite sad that I have to wear an uniform at work :( You basically have only the weekends to wear all your nice clothes. Do you have to wear an uniform at work?

I can't wait for Saturday :) We will be going shopping to Bristol :) They have a Primark flagship store. Apparently, it is huge and the second biggest one in the UK (Biggest one is in Manchester). I can't wait to check out all the high street stores :) The sale is on so I hope I can grab some good bargains. I will definitelly check out Dune as I fell in love with the jelly wedges below :) What do you think? Do you like them?

I speak to you soon :)



20 Jun 2010

Born to the Purple

Necklace & Bag: Old (Can't remember), Dress: Turkey, Wedges: Tk Maxx

Hi Guys,

Not many words tonight as I'm very tired :( Went with friends for a meal and this is what I wore. 
The dress was one length but I made the front look shorter in squeezing the material at the front under the belt :) It looked great :D What do you think?

Anyway I'm going to bed now :) NIGHT NIGHT 



15 Jun 2010

Jungle and More

Dress: Vintage, Belt: Primark, Sandals: Next

Hellloooo Guys,

Yesterday we went with friends to Alton Towers. It was soo much fun but very very tiring. Last night when we arrived at home I was basically dead hehe went straight into bed. As we live quite far away from Alton Towers we drove up their on Sunday and stayed in a Hotel. On Sunday when we left home it was very sunny and warm but we didn’t have time to take pictures so we decided to take pictures when we got to the Hotel. However, as you can see from the pics they have all been taken inside the Hotel room as it was really heavy raining when we arrived. I don’t like photos that have been taken inside but we had no other option.

Anyway here is the the long awaited review on the Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse:
On Saturday evening I finally managed to try the Clarins Self tanner.

The mousse is very very thick but surprisingly it soaks in quite quickly. The mousse is clear but because it is quite thick you can easily see where you have already applied it. After the application my skin felt amazingly soft and not sticky at all. Normally, when I apply self tanner I feel really dirty as my whole body feels very sticky but for the first time it did not feel like I had self tanner on. Also there was no disgusting smell. My conclusion was WOWW :)

Next morning:
I got up and firstly looked on my bed sheets to see whether it has stained but NADA - no stains at all. Then I ran to the mirror. I was not as tanned as expected but you could see a slightly golden tan.

Nowwwww… everything sounds perfect up to here but unfortunately it isn’t. Firstly, I was quite disappointed that the tan wasn't darker, Secondly, it went a bit patchy around my neck and ankles even though I exfoliated every centimetre of my body before applying the self tan. Not sure if it was my fault therefore I might give it a second try to see if it gets patchy again.

To sum up...

Good sides:
+no disgusting smell
+no stickiness
+very moisturizing
+doesn’t dry out skin
+doesn’t turn orange

-only gives you a slightly golden tan
-went a bit patchy
-quite pricy

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to very pale skin as it doesn’t turn orange and gives only a slightly golden tan. However, if you are after a darker tan then this is nothing for you. If you have anymore questions regarding the self tanner, just leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.



12 Jun 2010

 Scarf: Vintage, Sunglasses: Missoni, Shirt: Primark, Shorts: Turkey, Sandals: New Look, Bag: Primark

Hi guys :)

Hope you had a great Saturday. I did :) Had a lie in and went a bit shopping. As you can see I bought two shirts. The khaki one is from Primark. I love the military look and that shirt is just gorgeous :D the red one is from H&M, loved the colour so I bought hehe. I then went to Superdrug and picked up the new Maybelline Mascara. I love the spoon brush :) Haven't tried yet will let you know if it's any good. I also bought two tinted lip conditioners from Sleek. Tried on my hand and they were so pigmented and did not stick so I bought two :D I will do at some point swatches. Have problems with digicam at the moment. Hope hubby can fix tonight.
I'm off now :) Let me know what you did today? How does a typical Saturday look like? My one normally consist of shopping hehe
Have a great evening.


Scarf: H&M, Blouse: Vintage, Shorts: Matalan, Shoes: Matalan, Bag: Vintage, Bracelet: Turkey

Hi Guys :)

Finally, an outfit post and finally, I watched Sex and The City 2 :D It was great. Better then 1, I think :D What do you think? It was really funny especially the scenes with Samantha. AND I loved the clothes. OMG! Gorgeous. 

I'm off to bed now. Really tired.
I wish you all a superb weekend.


Tugba :)


8 Jun 2010

Back home...

Hi Guys :)

I’m back in the UK and have started working already today :( Due to the fact that I’m wearing an uniform at work there won’t be as many outfit posts during the week. I will try to make it up with beauty related posts :)
As you can see from the pics I went a bit shopping :) Firstly, I bought the Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse. I have never heard of it before until I received an email from handbag.com about Tried and Tested Fake Tanners 2010. As I love a nice tan I checked out the website and the Clarins one grabbed my attention. I will try it out this week and will let you know how I get on and will do a full review. But for now if any of you have tried it please let me know what you think about it in the comment box :)
The second item I bought is the nailtiques nail protein. Nailtiques is a nail care system to help problem nails. Several formulas can be bought for specific nail conditions. I have been using the nailtiques formula 2 nail protein for nearly a year now and it works wonders. I run out of it and I ordered by mistake formula 2 PLUS. I don’t think I can send it back now so I have to use it even though formula 2 was perfect for my nails. My nails used to be very weak and were peeling. Since I started using nailtiques the state of my nails improved tremendously. I recommend it to everyone even if you have quite healthy nails. A big plus is that it also supports the natural nail growth therefore leading in a quicker and healthier growth.Overall, I can only say BUY IT :) it is honestly one of my must have items.



6 Jun 2010

I feel like dancing

Shirt: H&M, Leather shorts: Primark, Heels: Ebay, Necklace: Accesorize

Happy Sunday Guys :)

Yesterday we went dancing with my friends. It was great :) Today I have to pack as I'm flying back to the UK tomorrow morning :D Wohoo! I will miss family and friends in Germany but I'm glad I'm flying back. 

The leather shorts are from Primark :D They are real leather and were in sale in Primark for 9 pounds :D Unbelievable isn't it? The shorts were looser when I bought them but since I put a bit weight now they are a bit tight :( I like shorts a bit looser. Last night I noticed that my cellulite gets worse somehow :( I moisturize every day - don't understand. I need to buy the Biotherm Celluli Laser D.Code Anti Cellulite Treatment as soon as possible :D and hope it works.

Have you any recommendations?



4 Jun 2010

Yellow ISH...

Scarf: Vintage, Necklace: Primark, Neon Shirt: H&M, Trousers: Gap, Sandals: TK Maxx

Hi Guys :)

The weather is beautiful in Germany :D They say it's going to be really hot tomorrow WOHOOO. Unfortunately, I'm flying back to the UK on Monday :-( Really sad but happy at the same time as I missed my hubby :D Ooo and Primark haha! I put on weight in Germany :( all the nice food that my mum cooked :D I just could not say no. My trousers were really tight yesterday that I could hardly breathe. I need to get beach fit in the UK as I'm flying to Turkey in July :D Can't wait. Will you be going on holiday? I can't imagine a life without holidays :) I LOVE TRAVELING! Tell me about your best holiday and why was it so good? 


Love you all :) 


1 Jun 2010


Hat: Peacocks, Necklace & Blouse: H&M, Pants: River Island, Flats & Bag: Primark

 Heyo :) 

Not many words today - outfit of the day :D Love the hat. I'm off now - DINER TIME :D


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