8 Jan 2012

Duty Free Haul

Just a quick duty free haul :) They have a Zara in Terminal 3 at Heathrow... Isn't that great? They had sale on as well plus tax free so even cheaper! I also popped into boots and Mac quickly... I just tried the instant tan bronzer and its amazing :D I looked sooo tanned! I can do a before and after post if you like.

Anyway, I'm very tired... It's -15 degrees in Helsinki :-/ Sooo cold! I will pop into Gina Tricot after work tomorrow :) to keep my heart warm hehe



7 Jan 2012


Hey guys :)

as promised a collective beauty haul and some Christmas presents. I think the photos are self-explanatory :D

I haven't used any of it yet. I only tried out the Soap and Glory perfume and I like it :) It's a very citrusy fresh smell and for £8 perfume and body butter is really a bargain don't you think?

I love the Boots half price sale :) You get so much for your money!

I'm very curious to try out the frontcover cosmetic :) The jumbo eyeshadow pencils look great :) so does the blue eyed girl set! If you want I can do a full review on it. Just leave a comment below!

I'm off to Helsinki tomorrow - snow boots packed :) winter coat packed :) Gloves and hat packed :) Still no snow in the UK so I'm looking forward to the snow! It's only a 3 day business trip but nevertheless I can't wait. I will definitely pop into Gina Tricot. My MUST VISIT SHOP in Helsinki.

Have a nice weekend.



5 Jan 2012

Orange in the Winter!

Blazer & Cardigan: H&M, Blouse, Necklace and Boots: Primark, Jeans: Topshop

Hey guys,
This is what I wore today :) When I have to work from the London office I put more effort into my outfit :) Not sure why. Maybe because people in Soho inspire me!
I worked till late today and went after work to Lacoste on Regent Street to exchange something. Welllllllllll, my plan was to go straight home after that :( As usual I went shopping on Regent Street for nearly 2 hours. I will do a big haul on Saturday with everything I bought in the sale up to now. So stay tuned.

I'm off to bed now. Very tired. If you are following me on twitter then you know that I had a very stressful morning :(

I'm again in London tomorrow :D But no shopping! I half promise!!!

Good NIGHT ;)



4 Jan 2012

Cardigan: Gina Tricot, Blouse: Primark, Trousers: Uniqlo, Boots: No name, Necklace: H&M (DIY)

Hey guys :)

Finally, an outfit post. Sorry about the weird pictures but by the time I get home its already dark plus I need a tripod so I can take better pictures and have a nicer background. Anyway, the camera and remote control were the first steps :) next is a tripod on my list.

I still need to post my sale beauty haul on my blog. I have stored everything in a box so I can take pics. Hopefully on Saturday. I'm off to Helsinki on Sunday. Its a business trip and I will be there till Wednesday. We dont have any snow in the UK but I guess they will have plenty of snow over there. Its the third time I'm going to Helsinki since I started my job in July. I really love the city :) Especially all the scandinavian shops that we don't have in the UK such as Gina Tricot. I seriously love that shop :)

If there are any followers out there from Helsinki. Do you have any other recommendations? Obviously shop wise :) Or maybe finish beauty brands that I need to try out.

I need to pop into selfridges tomorrow :) I'm lusting for the Nars Cactus Flower blusher and Laguna bronzer and some Chanel cosmetic... OH BOY! I want so many things.

I'm off now. Will be watching a movie on my laptop.



1 Jan 2012

Happy New Year

Hat and Jumper: H&M, Collar: Asos

Happy New Year my lovely Followers :)

I hope 2012 will be a brilliant year for all of us.

As I told you in my last post I was in London at the Victoria Embankment to watch the fireworks. OMG it was really packed but good fun :) In order to make my outfit a bit more festive I went for a sequin hat!

What did you guys wear?

Have a lovely evening :)



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