27 Oct 2013


Hello :) I'm back from Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Had an amazing time :) Met a lot of new people and soaked up endless sun. I'm really gutted to be back in the UK. I just love sunshine and beach. I definitely want to settle to a hot country... Not sure where yet but sunshine and beach just make me a happier person... :) A LOT HAPPIER!

My brother is here from Germany so we did a lot of sightseeing this weekend which was very tiring. Really wanted to chill this weekend but he wants to settle to the UK and I wanted to make his first days in the UK as fun as possible :)

I'm flying to Germany next week :) Back to my home town. Spend some time with family and meet up with friends. Can not wait :) Have an amazing Sunday evening... its now 21.20... aaa nooo :) Its 20.20. End of British summer time :) xxx Tugba

Blouse: Mango (dyed darker), Collar: Asos, Trousers: H&M, Boots: No name second hand

22 Oct 2013


Salam Alaykum from Abu Dhabi :) After two days in Dubai I am now in Abu Dhabi till Wednesday morning. Back in London Thursday morning. Having a great time :) Just wanted to say hello and share with you my current favourite song :) Have a great Monday... xxx Tugba

17 Oct 2013

Hello boys and girls :) I can not tell you how excited I am for the weekend :) As mentioned in my last post I have to be for business Sunday in Abu Dhabi but a colleague and myself have decided to fly a bit earlier so we can spend the weekend in Dubai :) I'm flying tomorrow night and I will be chilling, sunbathing and partying the whole weekend :) 

I have only been once to Dubai for 2 days and I loved it :) I know some people do not like it at all because of the fakery. Totally understandable :) Especially if you compare to London where you have gorgeous old buildings and a lot of history. But you know what :) Sunshine, beach, delicious food, shopping and party can overcome all the fakery in Dubai :) oh and handsome men too for any of my single followers... 

I will leave you with an outfit of the day :) I will try and capture couple of summer outfits in Dubai :) Have a brilliant weekend when it comes xxx Tugba

Top & pumps: Zara, necklace & skinny trousers: H&M

13 Oct 2013


Hello :) Hope you are all doing well. Oh my...what a day :) Its been raining all day in London. Its dark, grey, rainy and cold. The winter is around the corner :-/ Hmm... I dont think Im ready yet. Luckily, I'm going on a business trip this week to Dubai and Abu Dhabi :) Yuppi!! Probably the last time I get to feel the sun on my skin. 

After an amazing and exhausting trip to Munich last weekend I have decided to chill this weekend. Yesterday, I did a bit DIY :) I dyed some clothes with Dylon Fabric Dye. Have you ever tried it? Some pieces turned really cool and some not so great :) But thats the risk you are taking when dying clothes. I've also turned a pair of cowboy boots that I bought from a charity shop while back into ankle boots. OMG.. they look amazing. I took some photos while doing it and I will blog about my mini DIY this week :)

On Friday I received a tweet from Asos Fashionfinder :) I won the Collegiate Fashion competition. Check it out here. How cool is that?? Not sure what I won but I won haha I love Asos Fashionfinder. You should definitely check it out and dont forget to follow me :)

I will leave you with a half outfit of the day :) The bottom part of my outfit was just a pair of jeans so nothing exciting but I loved the top part :) The bling bling necklace really pimped the outfit :) I just love chunky necklaces. I should do a necklace collection post :) I have loads of necklaces... a weakness I have. Would you be interested?

I wish you all an amazing Sunday :) I'm off to cook something :) JAMIEEE here I come. xxx Tugba

 Necklace: Primark, Knitted vest: Second hand, Blouse: H&M

9 Oct 2013

Hello :) I finally managed to blog. I really wanted to prepare a blog post before I went to Munich but unfortunately I was super busy. I came back on Monday from Munich but have been really sick. Feeling a bit better today and I will try and go back to work tomorrow. 

Anyway... Lets get back to Munich :) It was amazing. We went to the Oktoberfest on Friday and partied the rest of the weekend in Munich. Monday it was all about sightseeing :) We did a sightseeing bike tour and it was pretty cool. Have you every been to the Oktoberfest? I'm definitely going again next year :) How about Munich? Any of my readers from Munich?

I will leave you with an outfit of the day from last week and couple of snapshots from the Oktoberfest. Check out my instagram for more Munich pics :) xxx Tugba

Blazer:H&M, Denim shirt: Topshop, Camo Trousers: Primark, Heels: New Look 

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