17 Oct 2013


Hello boys and girls :) I can not tell you how excited I am for the weekend :) As mentioned in my last post I have to be for business Sunday in Abu Dhabi but a colleague and myself have decided to fly a bit earlier so we can spend the weekend in Dubai :) I'm flying tomorrow night and I will be chilling, sunbathing and partying the whole weekend :) 

I have only been once to Dubai for 2 days and I loved it :) I know some people do not like it at all because of the fakery. Totally understandable :) Especially if you compare to London where you have gorgeous old buildings and a lot of history. But you know what :) Sunshine, beach, delicious food, shopping and party can overcome all the fakery in Dubai :) oh and handsome men too for any of my single followers... 

I will leave you with an outfit of the day :) I will try and capture couple of summer outfits in Dubai :) Have a brilliant weekend when it comes xxx Tugba

Top & pumps: Zara, necklace & skinny trousers: H&M


Unknown said...

Nice outfit ! I really like your makeup, so fresh !

Tabet said...

Sweet pictures and a great look. The blouse is amazing. :)


Keit said...

I've never been to Dubai, but I've heard a lot of nasty stories :D Maybe your experience will be better!
Adore the top and necklace :)

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