27 Dec 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS :) Hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. I stayed this Christmas in London and had a very chilled time with endless food and movies. I'm a bit sad that Christmas already over :( I think the time up to Christmas is my favorite time of the year :)  

I'm off to Exeter tomorrow for New Years Eve :) My sister lives there and my mum is currently visiting her so we will spend New Years Eve together. I'm looking forward to meeting up my old friends (As some of you know I studied at Exeter University and lived there 6 years). Planning on checking out second hand shops and go a bit sale shopping :) 

Last week I attended our agencies Christmas party and this is what I wore :) I thought I share it with you ASAP as it could be a good inspiration for your New Years outfit :) Its very glamorous and totally suitable for New Years Eve but at the same time super comfortable. A good change from all the party dresses that all girls are wearing :) If I would have not worn this to the agency Christmas party I definitely would have worn it on New Years Eve :) Now I need to figure out what to actually wear on New Years Eve by tomorrow lunch time :(

Let me know what your plans are for New Years Eve and whether you have already decided what you will be wearing :) xxx Tugba

Jumpsuit: Ebay, Heels: Second Hand from a brand called WITTNER

8 Dec 2013

Hello :) Hope you had a great weekend. Unfortunately, I'm still ill and have been in bed the whole weekend. Its getting really on my nerves. Once I'm feeling better I will get a flu jab done as I have a weak immune system and I keep getting ill constantly. Anyway... enough of illness :) I had mentioned to you ages ago that I was working on a DIY :) 

TADAAAA... may I present my DIY cutoff cowboy boots. I bought these cowboy boots a year ago from a charity shop in London. Italian leather... super good quality. However, I never wore them as I'm not that much into cowboy boots if I'm being honest :( So I looked on pinterest for inspiration on how I can DIY the boots :) and this is the final outcome :) What do you think? I love my new boots :) Have now worn them endless times :) xxx Tugba

What you need :)

- A pair of boots - It doesn't have to be cowboy boots but it just looks better in my opinion due to the patterns on cowboy boots. 

- Scissors

Snip, Snip, Snip

- Just cut where you want your boots to end. I suggest cutting it straight first and once done you can cut the inside lining as well so its not visible when wearing. 

Voila - your done


1 Dec 2013

Hello :) Hope you are having an amazing Sunday. Unfortunately, I have a very bad cold :( Stayed most of the day at home. The other day I was thinking that my blog needs a bit variety :) So I thought I share with you my current favourite jewellery... Bear in mind that this does not take into account any necklaces as I'm a necklace addict and I need a post on its own just for my necklaces :) Today I will only be sharing my favourite watches, rings and bangles :) 

The silver TV signal watch was recently sent to me by Born Pretty to review :) But it has become very quickly one of my favourite watches so that I ended up including it in this post. I have had so many comments from people on where I bought this watch :) The Tv Signal on the watch really reminds me of my childhood :) Do you still remember it too? Born Pretty was kind enough to provide me with a 10% off code - just enter TUGBASC10. Check out their website for more watches and other amazing things :) Free delivery worldwide. Enjoy xxx Tugba

Top row from left to right: Multicoloured Bangle - Gift from Turkey, Bangle with yellow stone - Primark, Watch - Bornprettystore, Watch - Fullblooded Swatch, Wood Bangle - Primark, Green Bangle - Gift from China

Bottom row from left to right: Gold Bangles - Gift from Turkey, Wood Ring - Muller Shop in Germany, Green Ring - Charity Shop, Silver Ring - Primark, Gold Ring - Portobello Market, Mix of Bangles - Primark
TV Signal Watch - Bornprettystore, Watch - Fullblooded Swatch
Multicoloured Bangle - Gift from Turkey, Bangle with yellow stone - Primark, Wood Bangle - Primark
Gold Bangles - Gift from Turkey, Green Bangle - Gift from China, Mix of Bangles - Primark
Wood Ring - Muller Shop in Germany, Silver Ring - Primark, Green Ring - Charity Shop, Gold Ring - Portobello Market

22 Nov 2013

Hello :) Its Friday... The weekend is nearly here. My mum is here from Germany so that means sightseeing all day tomorrow. Not sure if I ever mentioned but I live in Wembley and couple of weeks ago a massive London Designer Outlet was opened in Wembley :) Very close to my house... I'm hoping to check it out tonight. They have the first H&M factory outlet in there :) Apparently the first one in the UK. Has any of my London followers been to the London Designer Outlet? How was your experience?

If you follow me on Instagram than you probably have seen the pic below with my new hair :) I'm sharing it in case you have not seen it. I LOVE my new hair :) What do you think? The reason why I called this post BOND GIRLS ARE FOREVER is because the day I got my hair cut I went out with friends (outfit I wore is as the pic below). Some guy in the club came and told me that I look like a bond girl :) and another friend called me cat woman :) I like the bond girl one though ;)

Have an amazing weekend :) talk to you again at the weekend :) xxx Tugba

Corset Top: H&M, Necklace: Primark, Trousers: Vintage

10 Nov 2013

Hallo :) from sunny but cold Germany. Landed on Thursday night. Went to the hairdresser straight away on Friday :) Check out my instagram for photos of my new hair. LOVE IT! I then went out that night with friends. It was such a fun night :) I laughed so much... If you are out with the rigfht people its always a blast :) Yesterday I just chilled and went to see my niece. Im off to see her again now :) She is such a sweetheart. Will leave you with an outfit from last weekend. Have a relaxed Sunday and a good week start :) Take care xx Tugba

Beanie & Necklace: Ebay, Jacket: No name (The studs were gold coloured but I painted them black), Basic shirt: Primark, Trousers: Zara, Leather boots: Italian brand but can not remember the name :( Bag: H&M

27 Oct 2013


Hello :) I'm back from Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Had an amazing time :) Met a lot of new people and soaked up endless sun. I'm really gutted to be back in the UK. I just love sunshine and beach. I definitely want to settle to a hot country... Not sure where yet but sunshine and beach just make me a happier person... :) A LOT HAPPIER!

My brother is here from Germany so we did a lot of sightseeing this weekend which was very tiring. Really wanted to chill this weekend but he wants to settle to the UK and I wanted to make his first days in the UK as fun as possible :)

I'm flying to Germany next week :) Back to my home town. Spend some time with family and meet up with friends. Can not wait :) Have an amazing Sunday evening... its now 21.20... aaa nooo :) Its 20.20. End of British summer time :) xxx Tugba

Blouse: Mango (dyed darker), Collar: Asos, Trousers: H&M, Boots: No name second hand

22 Oct 2013


Salam Alaykum from Abu Dhabi :) After two days in Dubai I am now in Abu Dhabi till Wednesday morning. Back in London Thursday morning. Having a great time :) Just wanted to say hello and share with you my current favourite song :) Have a great Monday... xxx Tugba

17 Oct 2013

Hello boys and girls :) I can not tell you how excited I am for the weekend :) As mentioned in my last post I have to be for business Sunday in Abu Dhabi but a colleague and myself have decided to fly a bit earlier so we can spend the weekend in Dubai :) I'm flying tomorrow night and I will be chilling, sunbathing and partying the whole weekend :) 

I have only been once to Dubai for 2 days and I loved it :) I know some people do not like it at all because of the fakery. Totally understandable :) Especially if you compare to London where you have gorgeous old buildings and a lot of history. But you know what :) Sunshine, beach, delicious food, shopping and party can overcome all the fakery in Dubai :) oh and handsome men too for any of my single followers... 

I will leave you with an outfit of the day :) I will try and capture couple of summer outfits in Dubai :) Have a brilliant weekend when it comes xxx Tugba

Top & pumps: Zara, necklace & skinny trousers: H&M

13 Oct 2013


Hello :) Hope you are all doing well. Oh my...what a day :) Its been raining all day in London. Its dark, grey, rainy and cold. The winter is around the corner :-/ Hmm... I dont think Im ready yet. Luckily, I'm going on a business trip this week to Dubai and Abu Dhabi :) Yuppi!! Probably the last time I get to feel the sun on my skin. 

After an amazing and exhausting trip to Munich last weekend I have decided to chill this weekend. Yesterday, I did a bit DIY :) I dyed some clothes with Dylon Fabric Dye. Have you ever tried it? Some pieces turned really cool and some not so great :) But thats the risk you are taking when dying clothes. I've also turned a pair of cowboy boots that I bought from a charity shop while back into ankle boots. OMG.. they look amazing. I took some photos while doing it and I will blog about my mini DIY this week :)

On Friday I received a tweet from Asos Fashionfinder :) I won the Collegiate Fashion competition. Check it out here. How cool is that?? Not sure what I won but I won haha I love Asos Fashionfinder. You should definitely check it out and dont forget to follow me :)

I will leave you with a half outfit of the day :) The bottom part of my outfit was just a pair of jeans so nothing exciting but I loved the top part :) The bling bling necklace really pimped the outfit :) I just love chunky necklaces. I should do a necklace collection post :) I have loads of necklaces... a weakness I have. Would you be interested?

I wish you all an amazing Sunday :) I'm off to cook something :) JAMIEEE here I come. xxx Tugba

 Necklace: Primark, Knitted vest: Second hand, Blouse: H&M

9 Oct 2013

Hello :) I finally managed to blog. I really wanted to prepare a blog post before I went to Munich but unfortunately I was super busy. I came back on Monday from Munich but have been really sick. Feeling a bit better today and I will try and go back to work tomorrow. 

Anyway... Lets get back to Munich :) It was amazing. We went to the Oktoberfest on Friday and partied the rest of the weekend in Munich. Monday it was all about sightseeing :) We did a sightseeing bike tour and it was pretty cool. Have you every been to the Oktoberfest? I'm definitely going again next year :) How about Munich? Any of my readers from Munich?

I will leave you with an outfit of the day from last week and couple of snapshots from the Oktoberfest. Check out my instagram for more Munich pics :) xxx Tugba

Blazer:H&M, Denim shirt: Topshop, Camo Trousers: Primark, Heels: New Look 

27 Sept 2013

Inspired Outfit #2

Hello :) I hope you are well... Yeahh its Friday. I'm in Exeter this weekend. Planning on checking out all my favorite secondhand shops :) REAL gems in Exeter. Do you like buying from secondhand shops? I know its not everyones cup of tea but I LOVE finding unexpected amazing pieces. I still haven't discovered good charity/secondhand shops in London. For those of you living in London do you have any recommendations?

If you read my blog regularly than you know that I created a column on how to to get daily outfit inspiration. This is my second post on the column. I cut out the outfit from InStyle Germany. The colour combination itself really inspired me so I put together my version :) Do you like it? xxx Tugba 

Hat, Cardigan and Rucksack: H&M | Raincoat: Primark | Neon pink shirt: No Name | White shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Look 

21 Sept 2013


Selam :) YAY... It's weekend :) I'm chilling today. Aiming to cook something nice from Jamie Oliver's new book "Save with Jamie". I have several other cookbooks from him and I just LOVE to watch his videos on YouTube and on TV. 

Last night we only ended up going to the Indian restaurant - Punjab in Covent Garden. Check out my last blog post. It was super delicious :) I had Lamb Korma... yummy! Definitely a recommendation if you live in London. I'm off to catch up on my magazines and Pinterest. My favorite activity at the weekends. Have an amazing weekend :) xxx Tugba

Waistcoat: Zara similar here|Floral shirt: No Name similar here|Trousers: H&M similar here|Belt and Boots: Vintage similar here and here

20 Sept 2013

Hello :) Yeahhh... Its FRIDAY! I don't have any major plans for the weekend but as you know things change very quickly :) I'm going for dinner with colleagues tonight to a restaurant called Punjab. Punjab is apparently the UK's oldest North Indian Restaurant. So its quite exciting :) I may go out after the dinner with friends in Soho London to a bar called Village. Its a gay bar :) Its very pleasant to go to gay bars as a women don't you think?

OK... lets move onto my post :) I keep getting questions from colleagues on how I choose my outfit every morning and by what I get inspired. Of course I get inspired by a lot of things - magazines, fashion blogs, pinterest and instagram. However, today I will only concentrate on magazines. If you want I can also create a separate post on my favorite fashion blogs. Anyway... back to the topic :) I'm ADDICTED to magazines especially printed magazines :) Don't get me wrong... I LOVE technology but in regards to inspirational books and magazines I prefer print. I love cutting out things from magazines. I posted before on Instagram about my inspiration board :) below.
Basically I cut out the things I like from magazines and stick them on my inspiration board. And every time when I can not decide what to wear (the "I have nothing to wear" feeling) I look at my inspiration board and try and create a similar outfit. Sometimes my version looks very similar to the one from the magazine and some days I just get inspired by the colour combination. So I decided to create a recurring column on my blog and post regularly on what the original image was that inspired me to put together my outfit. Let me know what you think of this column :) xxx Tugba

Cardigan: secondhand, checked shirt, white basic shirt, necklace, boots: Primark, Trousers: TK Maxx, Lipstick: Limecrime Velvetines in Red Velvet 

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