22 Nov 2013


Hello :) Its Friday... The weekend is nearly here. My mum is here from Germany so that means sightseeing all day tomorrow. Not sure if I ever mentioned but I live in Wembley and couple of weeks ago a massive London Designer Outlet was opened in Wembley :) Very close to my house... I'm hoping to check it out tonight. They have the first H&M factory outlet in there :) Apparently the first one in the UK. Has any of my London followers been to the London Designer Outlet? How was your experience?

If you follow me on Instagram than you probably have seen the pic below with my new hair :) I'm sharing it in case you have not seen it. I LOVE my new hair :) What do you think? The reason why I called this post BOND GIRLS ARE FOREVER is because the day I got my hair cut I went out with friends (outfit I wore is as the pic below). Some guy in the club came and told me that I look like a bond girl :) and another friend called me cat woman :) I like the bond girl one though ;)

Have an amazing weekend :) talk to you again at the weekend :) xxx Tugba

Corset Top: H&M, Necklace: Primark, Trousers: Vintage


Unknown said...

Beauty ♥

Keit said...

Oh the new hairdo is just awesome! You look funky fresh and super cute ^_^ Congrats!

Jess said...

Having a London Designer Outlet so close would put my bank account in serious danger! haha xo Jess

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