31 May 2010

Hi guys :) 

I visited a friend at the weekend. And I was very lucky as there was a exhibition :D It was all about women. I loved it! Unfortunately, I could not take many pictures as I was sooo busy :) hehe 

As you can see above from the pics I did a skin test :) It was very informative! The result was that my skin needs more moisture and a Vitamin E cure would be great for more radiance and elasticity. Once I'm back to the UK I will do more research regarding this :) 

If you know anything regarding Vitamin E cures, I would really appreciate, if you could enlighten me :D hehe

Take care :) 

Love you!



29 May 2010

Mom's Blouse

Blouse: Mum's, Jeggings: Primark, Heels: Ebay, Necklaces: Mix and Match :D

Last night's outfit :D Went with friends to a sushi bar! Anyway I'm off now.

Love you all :)



27 May 2010


Glasses:Ebay, Leather Jacket: DKNY, Shirt: Zara, Skinny Belt: Primark, Skirt: Primark, Flats: Primark, Bag: Dorothy Perkins, Scarf: Peacocks

Hi Guys,

As you can see from my outfit the weather is not very good :( Was really hoping that the weather will be nice during my holiday in Germany :(  but unfortunately! 

Didn't do much today :) Went in the afternoon to a vintage shop :D got some nice things. Everything in the washing now. Can't wait to wear them :D I LOVE VINTAGE SHOPPING! Do you like it too? What was your best find so far? I'm still hoping that I will find a Vintage Burberry Coat one day :D  hehe

Anyway... Have a good evening.



26 May 2010



"Neutral tones are making noise this Spring and we hear them calling our name. These soft hues of beige, buff, tan, and sand speak a soft and delicate tone while screaming sophistication. This season, Fendi’s shoe combined the perfect platform with wrapped accents that we cannot stop oogaling! Channel you inner prima ballerina whether your dating, dancing or looking picture perfect and pirouette-ready.

For your version of this eye-catching statement shoe, pick up a pair of nude heels. Here are some of my favs: Hit up Macy’s for cute Guess & Jessica Simpson styles also check out Aldo, Steve Madden P.S.- (Mine are Zara). Once you pick the neutral shoe best for you, pick a sheer stocking that will complement. Snip off the legs, and get creative with wrap methods. Play is safe and stylish… P.S.- stay neutral!"

I LOVE THIS DO IT YOURSELF! What do you think? Will try it once I'm back to the UK :D

25 May 2010

I Love Mickey Mouse!

Blazer: French Connection, Shirt: Primark Men, Jeggings: Primark, Trainers: Converse, Bag: Turkey, Hat: New Look, Watch: Brandalley

Hi Guys,
Not many words today as I'm really tired :( My Dad had some business to do in Düsseldorf so my mum and me went with him 3 hours drive :( Soooo tired. We managed to go to the Kö (Königsallee) in Düsseldorf.   

They had some really good shops but we did not have much time so I just bought a tan leather belt (below) and black sandals (below) :) Love them. What do you think?

Anyway I'm off now. Will flick through H&M's catalogue now and then go to bed.

Good Night :)




23 May 2010

Flower Power


 Hareem Pants: Ebay, Floral Shirt: Primark, Necklaces: Primark, Gladiator Sandals: Moms, Bag: Turkey

Hi Guys,

Are you having a nice Sunday? 

Last night I went out and this is what I wore :) My mom took loads of pics but somehow nearly all look very blurry :( 

I really wanted to wear heels but we went to a festival so we had to walk quite a lot and heels would have not been comfortable :D I'm sure the outfit would had looked better with heels. What do you think? 

I love hareem pants at the moment. They are sooo comfy and at the same time very classy. Do you own a pair? What do you think? Classy or not very flattering?  

I noticed that I exaggerated with the blush :D hehe I can't live without a blush but sometimes I put too much on :-/ 

Anywayssss...I wish you a great week :D Bank Holiday tomorrow in Germany. So it feels like a Saturday today :) 

I'm off now :) Will meet a friend. Enjoy your Sunday. Speak to you soon :D 

Love you 



22 May 2010

<>Yesterdays Outfit<>

Basic Shirt: H&M, Waistcoat: Levi's, Pants: Zara, Sandals: Next, Bag: Primark, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Scarf: Primark, Earrings: Accessorize (Beads)

21 May 2010

Duty Free Haul


Hi Guys :)

I'm in Germany to visit family and friends. Not sure if I ever mentioned but I'm German :) I know what you think now... I don't really look German hehehe My dad is from Turkey and my mum from Greece. This is the reason why I look Mediterranean :) Anywayssssssss I can't wait to see all my friends and to go out and spend time with them. I flew yesterday from Luton airport. The duty free isn't really big unfortunately. I only bought couple of things as you can see. I really wanted to get the new cellulite cream from Biotherm but they didn't stock it. I will try to buy it here. As you know I have been using the Nivea Goodbye cellulite cream fo the last couple of weeks. I'm quite disappointment as I could not see any improvement. Therefore I will not buy a new bottle. I will try the Biotherm one now. 

I bought at the Duty Free Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love to use it in the summer as it's so refreshing and smells soooo summary. I bought 100ml and got a miniature for free :D sooo cute isn't it?? I also bought L'occitane hand cream as I think it is the best hand cream ever. It soaks in very quickly and leaves my hands really smooth and soft. I never tried the lip balm so I thought I give it a try :) Have been using it since last night and it's quite nice. Not sure if it's as good as Blistex though :D hehehe

Anyway, I have to get ready now. Going for a coffee now with my parents :D Will try to do as many outfit posts as possible. 




18 May 2010

And the winner is...


  Get Gawjus! 


P.S. I will be hosting another giveaway soon :D So don't be sad if you haven't won this time. Thank you very much for all your support and help.

Love you all...



17 May 2010

Yesterday... Lunch!

Shirt: H&M, Blazer: No Name, Belt: Primark, Trousers: Zara, Moccasins: Turkey, Handbag: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage

Hi :)

As promised more outfit posts :D We went yesterday for lunch and this is what I wore. I quite liked the colour combination. What do you think? I will announce latest tomorrow the giveaway winner :D EXCITING!

I wish you all a great evening.

Need to start packing :D Hope my flight won't be cancelled on Thursday :(


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