1 May 2010


Hi Guys,

Long time no see. My uncle and his family came to visit me. So was very busy :D touring around. They left in the morning and I am trying to get back to my revision :( But I am not motivated at all. I keep watching videos on youtube and just surfing on the internet. As you remember I did a post some time ago about Niveas Goodbye Cellulite gel. I have finally finished the bottle but can't really see an improvement :( Now I am not sure whether I should get another bottle and carry on or just try something else?? What do you think? I just read on Marie Claires website about Biotherm Celluli Laser D.Code Anti Cellulite Treatment. Below is some info about it. What do you think? Is it worth £37?

Body experts Biotherm introduce a unique and advanced formula that intensely hydrates the skin to leave its surface contours looking visibly smoother. Light gel texture for immediate absorption. Contains Phytosveltyl™, extract of Sacred Lotus, Yerba Mate, Green Coffee, Caffeine, Gingko Biloba

Cellulite comes in two forms: behavioural cellulite and genetic cellulite. Behavioural cellulite accounts for 70% of all cellulite, and is connected to lifestyle. The remaining 30% is genetic cellulite, which is hereditary, and, unfortunately, the most problematic.

A helping hand in the war against cellulite.
For the first time Biotherm have created a product designed to fight both types of cellulite. Introducing Biotherm Celluli Laser D.Code – an innovative new product that helps fight behavioural cellulite and genetic cellulite.Use in conjunction with the existing Biotherm Celluli Laser range to create your ultimate anti-cellulite routine. 

As Seen in .... The Daily Mail 24th April 2010
"Demand is already rocketing for the revolutionary product that works by tapping in to the skins DNA"
"Clinical trials reported promising results after testing the D.Code cream's affect on cellulite...An overwhelming 94 per cent of women who used it told Biotherm that their dimpled skin looked more toned after four weeks. And 85 per cent said that their cellulite was significantly smoother at the end of the same period" 

A "woman who took part in the trial said : 'I have been looking at my cellulite for a long time and I was completely shocked and amazed to discover that after about ten days of daily usage, some of the wrinkly parts had disappeared. I am thrilled.'" 

As Seen in .... The Daily Telegraph 25th April 2010
"Already flying off the shelves at Boots is Biotherm Celluli Laser D Code, a £37 anti-cellulite cream that uses gene technology to stimulate the production of protein which reduces the storage of fat cells that cause cellulite." 

As Seen in .... Grazia Magazine April 2010
"Finally there's a cure for cellulite! Introducing Biotherm's just-launched D Code Cream, £37, a big hit in the US thanks to its pioneering use of 'gene technology', which re-trains your cells to age differently. It's the first time that beauty's breakthrough technology genomics has been used in a body product and D Code promises to both reduce and stop the dreaded orange-peel effect. 'Traditional cellulite treatments only work on breaking down existing fatty deposits, but they can't stop it from coming back. D Code on the other hand, does both,' says Biotherm's Dr Brian Willion. The secret is phyto-sveltyl, a gene-altering ingredient that stops new fat cells from depositing themselves (and creating the classic lumpy look), while also reducing existing cellulite by re-educating old skin cells. It's a first. And, given this season's trend for super-short shorts, a must!"
As Seen in .... Harpers Bazaar June 2010 Issue
"When time is short, go for the new generation of thigh-smoothing creams that work extra - fast, and come with a promise of an improvement in just 10 days....Biotherm's D Code...a great morale boosting kick-start for bikini prepping."


pelininstyle said...

Worths a shot I think. I like trying new stuff.I think like this I have to moisturise my body that's a fact so why not with a good product which also helps reducing cellulites.:) I will check it out at Sephora.

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