31 May 2010

All about WOMEN - Exhibition

Hi guys :) 

I visited a friend at the weekend. And I was very lucky as there was a exhibition :D It was all about women. I loved it! Unfortunately, I could not take many pictures as I was sooo busy :) hehe 

As you can see above from the pics I did a skin test :) It was very informative! The result was that my skin needs more moisture and a Vitamin E cure would be great for more radiance and elasticity. Once I'm back to the UK I will do more research regarding this :) 

If you know anything regarding Vitamin E cures, I would really appreciate, if you could enlighten me :D hehe

Take care :) 

Love you!




pelininstyle said...

You look beautifullllll:)
Exams are over :)))
Vitamin E:Olive oil,salmon and avocado,flax seed oil:) For Vitamin E it is better to start inside the body:)

Ania said...

Sounds interesting! I really like your blog! You looks are great. I follow you!

Unknown said...

Thanxxxx guys :)

Hello*Pretty said...

Great blog! I've been wanting to get a skin test myself. Visit my blog, I'm doing a give-way. (it ends today) xo- karrie

Barbara von Enger said...

Eat vitamin E rich foods such as blueberries, papaya, olives, raw sunflower seeds, walnuts and some spinach. I eat also salmon four times weekly, and walnuts, pumpkin seeds daily. Hope this helps;-)

Kayla said...

You have a great blog. The skin test look interesting. I'd love to get one.

You could always go to a pharmacy and get fish oil instead of cramming yourself full of food!


stylenuggets said...

You already have such fantastic skin. How do you take care of it? Would love to know.

Emilie said...

Great post!
About the sequin jacket, I bought it in NYC last summer!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys but I think u can get vitamin E serums for ur face. Might check that out.

@MarchMusings Thanks :D I will do a post soon about my daily skin care routine :D

Lily said...

Wow, you're so beautiful and have fantastic skin!!! Very jealous!



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