26 Apr 2010

Lipstick Parade!

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well :) I'm so happy as I handed in my last coursework today YUPIII. But unfortunately that means the countdown for the final exams has started.  Anyway... two more weeks and I'm done. I popped in to Boots and Superdrug today and bought three new lipsticks. The first two, nude (101) and the orangey (53) are from Barry M. The red one, my favourite :D is from Rimmel. It was launched couple of weeks ago I think as they advertise everywhere with it. Its called NEW COLOUR SHOW OFF LIPSTICK. It is my favourite out of all three :D Soo nice and smooth on your lips. Doesn't feel heavy at all. Very moisturising and amazingly pigmented. I quite like the nude one as well. But not sure about the orangey one anymore :-/ What do you think? 


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25 Apr 2010

Birthday Outfit :)

Dress: Warehouse, Trench: Turkey, Bag: Mexx

Hi guys,

My birthday is in two weeks :D 6th of May. Due to my exams I will be celebrating on the 15th. I am already stressed out as what to wear :D hehe This what I wore last year on my birthday. This year I would like to wear something more colourful. Hope the weather will be nice. Anyway I am going to bed now. Will be handing in my last pieces of coursework tomorrow and then I only need to do revision for my final exams. I can't believe I wrote ONLY :D Anyways... Good night. 

Love you all.



24 Apr 2010

Giveaway :D

As you know my blog is quite new. So I thought I could do a small giveaway to raise my blogs popularity :D I am giving away a OPI nail varnish. The shade is Lunch at the Delhi :D It is a wonderful coral colour. Perfect for summer.  

The rules are:

1. You have to be a Follower of my blog :D

2. Comment saying ˝ENTER ME˝ + BLOG ABOUT MY LITTLE GIVEAWAY in your blog :D


ENDS : 16. May 2010

I would really appreciate your help in popularizing my blog :D



Hi guys,

I took some photos to show you how lovely the colours are that I bought yesterday :D I'm in loveeeeee! They look soo cute. Ooo before I forget. I saw today that eyeko brought out a similar colour (Eyeko Posh Polish) as Essies Mink Muffs and only £3.50.  Half the price that I paid for Essie :( Anyways... Have to go back to my coursework now :(

P.S. Excuse the state of my nails :( No time to look after myself at the moment. I keep them short at the moment because its low maintenance. Once I'm finished with my exams I will grow again :D



23 Apr 2010


Hi guys, 

It's been such a busy week and its still not finished. I still have so much coursework to finish off this weekend :( The weather is so nice I could do sooo many nice things :D Such as shopping hehe Its my biggest hobby. Unfortunately, no time at the moment. HOWEVER, I took the time today at my lunch break and went into Boots. I bought three GORGEOUS nail varnishes from Barry M. Aren't they sooo cute :) Look at the colours. I also received a small parcel today with Essies mink muffs :D and when I popped into Sainsburys after Uni I bought Sally Hansen Insta Dry :D WOWW soo many nail varnishes. I think I am kind of addicted. 

Ok, lets talk about Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. The reason why I bought this is because people were comparing it to Seche Vite on Makeupalley. As many others, I bought Seche Vite and loved it instantly but after three weeks it got really thick. So I bought the thinner but then it became really weird so I chucked it away. Went back to Boots and bought another one thinking I had a dodgy one but unfortunately the same happened again. I'm really angry as it is not very cheap. How can anyone use up a topcoat within three weeks? Anyway after some research on the internet I found out that I was not the only one experiencing this problem. So after reading on Makeupalley that Sally Hansen Insta Dry has the same glossy finish but does not get thick after three weeks I decided I would try it. I will update you once I have tried it.

Has anyone tried the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry or is there anything else you can recommend that is similar to Seche Vite but less annoying :D



21 Apr 2010

After reading good reviews, I finally bought LA ROCHE-POSAY HYDRAPHASE XL from Boots. As I am getting older my skin is getting drier and duller. In my teenage years I had really bad acne.  I used for many years oil free light lotions. Therefore, buying Hydraphase was a big change for me. Anyway what do I think of it??? I LOVE ITTTT :D It is worth every penny of the £16. I have been using it for a month now and it is super moisturising, does not feel greasy and it makes my skin super super soft and smooth. My face looks really fresh and vibrant. And the best is, I did not have any breakouts. I am now thinking of getting the under eye cream as well. 

Has anyone any experiences with La Roche-Posay products? I would love to hear more.



Long hair !?! Yes? No?

This picture with long hair is probably two years old now. I had quite long hair. I am growing it at the moment as when I look at these pictures I quite like them and regret getting it cut. The picture with really short hair is quite old. Cant remember how old :D What do you think? Long or short?

20 Apr 2010

amazon discount finder

Hi guys,

I'm not feeling well today :( Went straight to bed after work. Feeling a bit better now. I thought I will post about something today that bargain hunters will LOVE :-D I'm a bargain hunter and I always look for bargains online. Some of you may know it already. The website Moneysavingexpert has a amazon discount finder on their website. Its such a great tool. You have to check it out. They display the Popular Hidden Amazon Discount Page. You can choose between various departments such as beauty, shoes and clothing. My favourite ones. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

19 Apr 2010

Oldies Goldies...

I finally bought the Heart Suspender Tights from Topshop. They were sold out all the time in my local Topshop. They look sooo great. I have to look very well after them so I can wear after the summer as well. I think I prefer them more than the Henry Holland ones. The Topshop ones have hearts on them making them more cute :D



18 Apr 2010

Massive giveaway visit her blog here:

So here is what you`ll get:

1. CHANEL PARTICULIERE 505 nail polish from Spring 2010 collection (Do I need to tell you it is SOLD OUT everywhere? ;))

2. THE BODY SHOP Neroli Jasmin shower gel & body lotion (both 50ml)

3. MAYBELLINE Dream Sunglow Bronzing Booster


5. CIATE : One Coat a Day (base polish), Hang Over Cure (treatment for cuticles), Super Sexy Dry (drying drops)

6. CALVIN KLEIN Ultimate edge Gel Eyeliner in shade 301 Cocoa Sheen (with mini brush)

7. H&M BRACELET (pink coral color with gold, perfect for spring/summer)

8. CIATE Pink Nail File

9. JILL SANDER SUN EDT 100ml (without alcohol, perfect for summer)

10. NYX LIPSTICKS in 3 colours: Electra, Indian Pink, Circle

11. NAIL ART FIMO fruits (3x10)


13. MORGAN STREET Lip Balm Chocolate Cake

14. 5 SHE STYLEZONE Nailpolishes

15. OPI nailpolish LA- PAZ-ITIVELY HOT normal version + MATTE version

16. THE BODY SHOP RASPBERRY Body Butter 200ml

17. FRUCTIS Elastic Power Fix Hairspray


This pic is two years old. Love my hair colour on there. Thinking of getting it lighter again but worried I will damage my hair too much.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I wish I could have too :( Unfortunately, I have to write on my coursework and next week I have to start revising for my final year exams at Uni. I am studying Business and I am in my final year. I sooo need a break. This year was horror :( Sooo stressful... Don't have time for anything else. My last exam is on the 12th May :D Can't wait. Hopefully will be able to spend more time on my blog then. At the moment I'm only at home so don't have any outfit posts. Will try an upload old pictures so that you don't get bored :D Couple of weeks ago I bought these heeled canvas trainers from New Look. I LOVE them but didn't have the occasion to wear them yet. What do you think?



17 Apr 2010

Need a tan :(

As I do not really have up to date pictures of myself. I uploaded a picture is from two years ago. I love the dress and it looks really nice with my tan (was after our honeymoon in Turkey). Can't wait for summer. The dress is from coast. I bought it on ebay and it was knee length but I got it cut as I prefer short dresses/skirts. Sorry for the quality. My old digi-cam was crap.



Goodbye Cellulite

After reading very good reviews about Nivea's Goodbye Cellulite gel, I have decided to give it a try :) I do not have a lot but it is visible in various positions :D It is quite expensive but I hope it will reduce the appearance till summer. I know that there is no miracle cure for it but I still have the hope that I can reduce the appearance of it. I will keep you updated how I get one.



Welcome to my blog :)

After following for a year other peoples blogs I have finally decided to create my own blog :) Reading blogs has become part of my everyday life. I wake up in the mornings and think, WHERE IS MY LAPTOP :D I need to find out what Nil was wearing yesterday and has Bubblegarm may discovered a new beauty gadget".

I hope one day other people will think the same about my blog :)


Tugba :)
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