17 Apr 2010

Goodbye Cellulite

After reading very good reviews about Nivea's Goodbye Cellulite gel, I have decided to give it a try :) I do not have a lot but it is visible in various positions :D It is quite expensive but I hope it will reduce the appearance till summer. I know that there is no miracle cure for it but I still have the hope that I can reduce the appearance of it. I will keep you updated how I get one.




pelininstyle said...

Tugba I've just discovered a product called Soap and glory. It is UK based.It seems like the founder is an ex-Bliss chemist or smth like that. It is said to be a best seller in UK.
Thay have wonderful products for cellulites etc. (that I've also ordered) :))))
I wil give it a try. Check it out if you want since you are in UK at Boots stores.

Unknown said...

Just looked at their website. Saw their products in boots. Which cream did u order? U should do a review on it :D I will as well once I have used it for longer.

pelininstyle said...

I will do a review. I am totaly sure of that:))))
I read each and every single comment written about their products.
Not only on thei page you know alson on amazon etc... Apparently it works:)
I ordered SLIMWEAR!:)))

Unknown said...

@pelininstyle: I haven't finished Nivea yet but not much left. And I can't see a lot of difference :( Will do another review on it soon. Once its finished. I might give slimwear a try as well. Did you start using it already? Where do you live in Turkey :D not topic related but just out of interest hehehe

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