24 Apr 2010

Swatches from Nail Varnish Haul

Hi guys,

I took some photos to show you how lovely the colours are that I bought yesterday :D I'm in loveeeeee! They look soo cute. Ooo before I forget. I saw today that eyeko brought out a similar colour (Eyeko Posh Polish) as Essies Mink Muffs and only £3.50.  Half the price that I paid for Essie :( Anyways... Have to go back to my coursework now :(

P.S. Excuse the state of my nails :( No time to look after myself at the moment. I keep them short at the moment because its low maintenance. Once I'm finished with my exams I will grow again :D




Sheefa F said...

thanks for the swatches hun! I am loving the look of the coral and the lilac :D

Jen said...

How fun!! I love bright nail colors for summer! I just did a nail post too. You'll have to check it out. Some of the colors and designs are pretty crazy!

Ana said...

YEY, great colours! Der blaue Nagellack ist von H&M =)

Ever said...

Love the first one !

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