27 Sept 2013

Inspired Outfit #2

Hello :) I hope you are well... Yeahh its Friday. I'm in Exeter this weekend. Planning on checking out all my favorite secondhand shops :) REAL gems in Exeter. Do you like buying from secondhand shops? I know its not everyones cup of tea but I LOVE finding unexpected amazing pieces. I still haven't discovered good charity/secondhand shops in London. For those of you living in London do you have any recommendations?

If you read my blog regularly than you know that I created a column on how to to get daily outfit inspiration. This is my second post on the column. I cut out the outfit from InStyle Germany. The colour combination itself really inspired me so I put together my version :) Do you like it? xxx Tugba 

Hat, Cardigan and Rucksack: H&M | Raincoat: Primark | Neon pink shirt: No Name | White shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Look 

21 Sept 2013


Selam :) YAY... It's weekend :) I'm chilling today. Aiming to cook something nice from Jamie Oliver's new book "Save with Jamie". I have several other cookbooks from him and I just LOVE to watch his videos on YouTube and on TV. 

Last night we only ended up going to the Indian restaurant - Punjab in Covent Garden. Check out my last blog post. It was super delicious :) I had Lamb Korma... yummy! Definitely a recommendation if you live in London. I'm off to catch up on my magazines and Pinterest. My favorite activity at the weekends. Have an amazing weekend :) xxx Tugba

Waistcoat: Zara similar here|Floral shirt: No Name similar here|Trousers: H&M similar here|Belt and Boots: Vintage similar here and here

20 Sept 2013

Hello :) Yeahhh... Its FRIDAY! I don't have any major plans for the weekend but as you know things change very quickly :) I'm going for dinner with colleagues tonight to a restaurant called Punjab. Punjab is apparently the UK's oldest North Indian Restaurant. So its quite exciting :) I may go out after the dinner with friends in Soho London to a bar called Village. Its a gay bar :) Its very pleasant to go to gay bars as a women don't you think?

OK... lets move onto my post :) I keep getting questions from colleagues on how I choose my outfit every morning and by what I get inspired. Of course I get inspired by a lot of things - magazines, fashion blogs, pinterest and instagram. However, today I will only concentrate on magazines. If you want I can also create a separate post on my favorite fashion blogs. Anyway... back to the topic :) I'm ADDICTED to magazines especially printed magazines :) Don't get me wrong... I LOVE technology but in regards to inspirational books and magazines I prefer print. I love cutting out things from magazines. I posted before on Instagram about my inspiration board :) below.
Basically I cut out the things I like from magazines and stick them on my inspiration board. And every time when I can not decide what to wear (the "I have nothing to wear" feeling) I look at my inspiration board and try and create a similar outfit. Sometimes my version looks very similar to the one from the magazine and some days I just get inspired by the colour combination. So I decided to create a recurring column on my blog and post regularly on what the original image was that inspired me to put together my outfit. Let me know what you think of this column :) xxx Tugba

Cardigan: secondhand, checked shirt, white basic shirt, necklace, boots: Primark, Trousers: TK Maxx, Lipstick: Limecrime Velvetines in Red Velvet 

18 Sept 2013


Halli Hallo :) what a week this week. Really busy with work. Nevertheless, Im trying to squeeze in some fun stuff too :) I mentioned in this post that I would be going to the Coco Chanel by Marion Pike exhibition. Well... yesterday after work I went with a friend. I must say it was a small but very personal exhibition. It is more about Cocos friendship to Marion and therefore showing a very personal side of Coco. I loved it :) You should definitely visit it if you have time - more info here. After the exhibition we went to the Tracey Neuls store in Shoreditch. Due to London Design Festival she hosted a special meet up last night where you could meet her and view the shoes she created in collaboration with Tokyobike. I also met the lovely blogger Velo City Girl. She was so kind and explained me everything about the collaboration as well as about her blog. WOW :) I thought its great that there are fashion designers and bloggers out there who really try and create fashion items that not only look good but are also functional :) I'm sure many of you will agree with me but wearing those horrible Lycra clothes when cycling isn't really cool :) I fell in love with these Neon Orange shoes from Tracey Neuls collection - check it out here :) They look amazing and totally stand out. What do you think?

I have loads of outfit posts piled up but I just didn't have the chance to sit down and prepare the posts. I really need to prepare my posts in advance and use the schedule function more. How do you tackle this problem?

Anyway... I will leave you with an Instagram update :) My Insta Lately... xxx Tugba

16 Sept 2013

Just a super short blog post :) I have created a Facebook fanpage... please come and follow me :) Click here

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15 Sept 2013


Hello :) Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I have been all day at home just chilling :) Yesterday I was out all day at Camden market so today I'm very happy to just chill. What a day today in London. Rain and wind! I guess the summer is over for us :( 

This week I wore this outfit to work but on the way to work I was freezing. I guess bye bye bare legs till next year again unless I go on holiday till then :) It is actually really nice to go on holiday when its winter in your own country. I was in Rio in January when it was freezing in London :) It was AMAZING - here my blogpost. Do you like going on a summer holiday in the middle of winter?

London fashion week is on this week and I can not go :( Hopefully for LFW 2014 I can manage to get tickets for a great show. Im going with a friend to an exhibition at the London College of Fashion on Tuesday which is featuring portrays of Coco Chanel by Marion Pike - more info here. I love London :) If you are passionate about fashion there are endless opportunities to widen your knowledge. Have a wonderful Sunday :) xxxx Tugba 

Cardigan&Shirt: Primark similar here&here, Belt: Vintage similar here, Skirt: Topshop similar here, Sandals: Office similar here, Necklace: Ebay

11 Sept 2013


Hola :) I hope you are all well. I'm going with friends to flesh and buns tonight :) Have you every been there? It looks delicious :) Can not wait! Apart from that nothing happening this week really. I will leave you with a work outfit :) YES work outfit. I'm very lucky... I can wear anything I want to the office. LOL I talked about this before on my blog - here. I'm just so happy that I dont have a dresscode at work. BTW, I just love these chunky heeled canvas shoes that i bought couple of weeks ago :) I want to wear them every day. Super comfy and they look great with everything. If you can get your hands on a pair I would definitely recommend you do :) I'm so in love with pleather when autumn and winter approaches. A simple tee and pleather shorts, skirts and trousers and you are ready to go. Let me know in the comment box how you combine pleather? Enjoy... Take care xxx Tugba 

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Skirt: Yumi, Jacket: No name, Shirt&Necklace: Primark, Shoes: New Look - posted about it here, Bag: Zara

6 Sept 2013


Merhaba :) I hope you are all well. ITS FRIDAY! A rainy Friday in London. As you know from my previous post I went with the office to a "its a knockout tournament". OMG :) It was the funniest day ever. However, I feel pretty sh** today :( Stiff muscles and bruises everywhere. I will take it easy today. Do you guys have any major plans for the weekend? I haven't planned anything major but Im open for offers :) Anyway... I will leave you with Wednesday's work outfit :) I bought this dress in Zara 2 years ago. The original colour was beige...which made me look very pale and it just didn't look good with my complexion. So I bought a pack of Dylon in green :) Now its beautiful... I got a lot of compliments at work on Wednesday :) Anywayssss... Have a wonderful weekend everyone :) I will try and post on Sunday again. Take care xxx Tugba FOLLOW ME: Instagram @tugba8419,TwitterBloglovinGoogle+   

Dress: Zara, Blazer: H&M, Sandals: Office  

4 Sept 2013


Hola :) such a crazy week this week. We have It's a Knock Out tournament tomorrow with the office. If yo are from the UK you probably know what it is :) For those outside the UK you may know Takeshis Castle :) I used to watch Takeshis Castle as a kid :) Apparently it will be 29 degrees tomorrow so we are very lucky as it will involve a lot of water :) I will leave you with Sundays outfit :) My inner hippie unleashed on Sunday. xxx Tugba FOLLOW ME: Instagram @tugba8419,TwitterBloglovinGoogle+ 

Sunglasses: Missoni, Headband: Ebay, Denim shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Mavi jeans, Espadrilles&Rucksack: Primark 

2 Sept 2013


Hello :) Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I wanted to welcome this week with a blog post :) I have worn this outfit last week :) and I got a lot of compliments. Luckily we dont have a dress code at work so I can wear what I want :) I LOVE that I can let my creativity free. It would be catastrophic if I would be restricted to the weekend :) I'm usually in my pjs at the weekends. Do you have a dress code at work? xxx Tugba There are still a lot of my follower who have not transferred over to bloglovin :( bloglovin is amazing. Please follow me on bloglovin so you get the best experience :) Instagram @tugba8419,TwitterBloglovinGoogle+ 

Shirt: Topshop, Trousers & Belt: Zara, Shoes: Primark - I dyed them red :)

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