15 Sept 2013


Hello :) Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I have been all day at home just chilling :) Yesterday I was out all day at Camden market so today I'm very happy to just chill. What a day today in London. Rain and wind! I guess the summer is over for us :( 

This week I wore this outfit to work but on the way to work I was freezing. I guess bye bye bare legs till next year again unless I go on holiday till then :) It is actually really nice to go on holiday when its winter in your own country. I was in Rio in January when it was freezing in London :) It was AMAZING - here my blogpost. Do you like going on a summer holiday in the middle of winter?

London fashion week is on this week and I can not go :( Hopefully for LFW 2014 I can manage to get tickets for a great show. Im going with a friend to an exhibition at the London College of Fashion on Tuesday which is featuring portrays of Coco Chanel by Marion Pike - more info here. I love London :) If you are passionate about fashion there are endless opportunities to widen your knowledge. Have a wonderful Sunday :) xxxx Tugba 

Cardigan&Shirt: Primark similar here&here, Belt: Vintage similar here, Skirt: Topshop similar here, Sandals: Office similar here, Necklace: Ebay


Imke said...

Such a pretty skirt!

XO Imke

Rosie Cumberlidge said...

Loveee the skit, so cute. I know, it's literally turned so cold. Bye bare legs for sure!


YZ Chan said...

I'm from a tropical country but currently studying in the UK so sometimes during Winter breaks, I go back home where it's hot and nice. :) Your outfit is really cut, I like the floral skirt. x

Nerve Wires

M + K said...

We absolutely adore your outfit!! such a cute combination. By the way what blush are you wearing? looks amazing


Unknown said...

@M+K Thank you so much :) The blush is from Sleek and the shade is pomegranate - http://www.superdrug.com/sleek/sleek-shimmer-blush-pomegranate/invt/222207


Gorgeous outfit!! :) and I LOVE your make up as well! It's so bronzy and reminds me of summer which sadly has passed :(
Any chance you can do a quick tutorial? or mention the products you used to achieve your look? :)



Unknown said...

@Biancarosa thank you hun :) so sweet of you. Of course I can do a tutorial :) this look is my all time favourite at the moment :)

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