11 Sept 2013


Hola :) I hope you are all well. I'm going with friends to flesh and buns tonight :) Have you every been there? It looks delicious :) Can not wait! Apart from that nothing happening this week really. I will leave you with a work outfit :) YES work outfit. I'm very lucky... I can wear anything I want to the office. LOL I talked about this before on my blog - here. I'm just so happy that I dont have a dresscode at work. BTW, I just love these chunky heeled canvas shoes that i bought couple of weeks ago :) I want to wear them every day. Super comfy and they look great with everything. If you can get your hands on a pair I would definitely recommend you do :) I'm so in love with pleather when autumn and winter approaches. A simple tee and pleather shorts, skirts and trousers and you are ready to go. Let me know in the comment box how you combine pleather? Enjoy... Take care xxx Tugba 

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Skirt: Yumi, Jacket: No name, Shirt&Necklace: Primark, Shoes: New Look - posted about it here, Bag: Zara


kenda michelle said...

You are STUNNING. Love the outfit. Love that you're promoting vegan leather. Love it all!


Keit said...

This looks so comfy and cool, love it :) Especially the booties!

Amandine said...

sehr schÖn!! Die schuhe sind total cool!

Anonymous said...

vegan leather ??? Cool!!! :) Looks gorgeous !!!

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