18 Sept 2013


Halli Hallo :) what a week this week. Really busy with work. Nevertheless, Im trying to squeeze in some fun stuff too :) I mentioned in this post that I would be going to the Coco Chanel by Marion Pike exhibition. Well... yesterday after work I went with a friend. I must say it was a small but very personal exhibition. It is more about Cocos friendship to Marion and therefore showing a very personal side of Coco. I loved it :) You should definitely visit it if you have time - more info here. After the exhibition we went to the Tracey Neuls store in Shoreditch. Due to London Design Festival she hosted a special meet up last night where you could meet her and view the shoes she created in collaboration with Tokyobike. I also met the lovely blogger Velo City Girl. She was so kind and explained me everything about the collaboration as well as about her blog. WOW :) I thought its great that there are fashion designers and bloggers out there who really try and create fashion items that not only look good but are also functional :) I'm sure many of you will agree with me but wearing those horrible Lycra clothes when cycling isn't really cool :) I fell in love with these Neon Orange shoes from Tracey Neuls collection - check it out here :) They look amazing and totally stand out. What do you think?

I have loads of outfit posts piled up but I just didn't have the chance to sit down and prepare the posts. I really need to prepare my posts in advance and use the schedule function more. How do you tackle this problem?

Anyway... I will leave you with an Instagram update :) My Insta Lately... xxx Tugba


Renate said...

I always love seeing instagram posts, it's like catching up :) I have been thinking about the scheduled post option as weekdays get busy, but have sort of given up on it as for now. Somehow my posts take a long time to make, so I want to do it one at a time, otherwise it'll feel like too much work (and blogging should be fun, right?), secondly, I'm a big believer of impulse blogging, I've tried to write a post and if it's good - I want to put it out right away - why not? - and if it's not that great - why put it out anyway? I don't know. Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet :)

Renate from http://thecuriousklutz.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Nice pictures! I love the slippers!


Darcy said...

I am loving all those pictures! Especially that Marc Jacobs quote... preach it man!



Unknown said...


Yes understand what you mean. I feel like if i prepare the posts in advance its forced blogging. I much prefer blogging when i have time and i can actually enjoy every step of the journey :) thanks Renate :)

Unknown said...

@garazi: thank u :) they are handmade from Kenya :) my friend bought them for me. Wore them to work and everyone loved it :)

Unknown said...

@Darcy thanks for the comment :) lol yes... One of my fav quotes too :)

Siska said...

du siehst so schön aus:)

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