26 Mar 2011

Hey my Sweeties,

Sitting in the library as usual :) my second home. Anyway... I decided to create a column on my blog where I will introduce you occasionally to my Can'tLiveProducts.

My first Can'tLiveProduct is the Carmex Mint Tube. I know I know many of you are already a huge fan of Carmex :) BUT... I'm raving about the MINT version. It is just AHHH-MMMAAAZZZINNNGGG.
  • Firstly, it has a SPF of 15 which is great when considered many lip balms don't have an SPF at all.
  • Secondly, it contains menthol which is supposed to kill germs. PLUS it gives you a fresh breath :)
  • Thirdly, the ingredient phenol is known for speeding up the healing process.
I have always had really dried and chapped lips. Believe or not very often it used to bleed. You can imagine how painful this can be. Throughout, the years I have tried 100000000000000000000 lip balms :) Some were good and some not but nothing was EXCEPTIONALLY good that I could say its a Can'tLiveProduct. BUT... This is the best lip balm ever - in the entire Universe :) Honestly, no exaggeration.

Have any of you tried the Carmex Mint Tube?? If yes what do you think?? I would love to hear your experiences.



25 Mar 2011


Sitting in the library right now :(
While I was looking through my facebook pictures (YES I should be studying but I'm on facebook) this particular one caught my
attention. I really love my hair colour on this pic.
What do you think?
I really need a change. Especially, now that I will start a new life :D
New life, New job, new hairr????

Have a nice weekend ;)



19 Mar 2011

FOTD & Ramble

Today has been day full with studying :( As usual. My motivation is below 0 :( so is my bank account as I'm sooo bored while studying that I end up online shopping. Hmm...

What are your plans for tonigtht??

 I will be staying in :D Still have to watch the last 5 episodes of 

Kourtney & Kim Are Taking New York!!!

Is anyone else watching it??




18 Mar 2011

Lunch Time Haul

I was just passing by TK Maxx :) Only JUST! So I went in to have a quick look whether they have something interesting. They had couple of things from NYX :) So I bought the two lipglosses and the lip plumper.

17 Mar 2011

Living in the 1960's

Heyo Guys :)

It was hubbys birthday last night so we went out for diner :) So I asked my sis to take couple of pics. I found a programme only where you can edit pics in the 1960's style :D SOOO COOOLLL!



13 Mar 2011

Last Night!!

I'm wearing the free lipstick from Glamour Mag - Posted about it here 

Have a nice Sunday :) I'm off to write on my coursework.



12 Mar 2011

Mac & Topshop Haul

Hi Guys,

As you probably noticed I don't blog as often anymore. I'm sooo busy with University its not even funny. As you know I'm doing my Masters and all my assignments are due end of March. So its a very busy time at the moment.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYY :) I do not want to bore you with University stuff. Thanks to the Internet I can shop 24 hours :D Therefore, at nights instead of sleeping I shop haha :) I've recently ordered some stuff from Mac and Topshop. 

I've been craving the Mac Club eyeshadow for ages. So last week I finally decided to order it :D I got the Mac Club eyeshadow and Viva Glam 2 lipstick. Originally, I had ordered the lipglass too but I sent it back as it was very similar to the one I bought from Topshop (see pic below). However, now that the money is been refunded back I can order something else instead :D I'm thinking about getting the Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick. What do you think? Do you own it already?? I think it is a gorgeous colour for the summer :D 

As you can see from the pictures below I also bought a lip pencil from Mac in the colour Magenta. It must have been a month ago. I tweeted about it :D I wore it to Uni and everybody asked me which lipstick it was. Its really eye catchy.

Without Flash
With Flash

I also bought from Topshow their new creme lipcolour in Tawny. It's a gorgeous nude and its very similar to the Viva Glam 2 lipglass. Topshop's creme blush in Neon Rose also landed in my shopping basket its such a gorgeous colour :) Perfect for SS.  

Let me know what you think about my little make up haul. Have you tried any of it??

Have a wonderful weekend :)



9 Mar 2011

Guys HURRY :) I got the deal already. £9 for £20 to Spend Online at ASOS. Its a bargain.

6 Mar 2011

Mac Eyeshadow in CLUB

Mac Viva Glam 2 Lipstick

Mac Viva Glam 2 Lipglass 

Mac's eyeshadow in the shade CLUB has been forever on my wishlist :) I've been craving it for such a long time. Every time I see swatches of it I'm even more in love with it. Today, I decided to finally order it. After looking around on the website the Viva Glam 2 lipstick and lipglass landed in my shopping basket too. I had an eye on creme d nude but people always told me that it would too light for my skin and after doing a bit research I found out that the Viva Glam 2 is a bit darker therefore more suitable for darker skin. Have you tried any of it already? Was it a good decision to buy it??

I can't wait for the delivery :) I will post some swatches so you can see for yourself whether it suits me or not. 



2 Mar 2011

Hi Guys :)

Glamour is hosting a great freebie giveaway :) I got 3 magazines today. I put a heart next to the things I got. What do you think? Any other recommendations? Might buy more tomorrow :D



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