2 Mar 2011

10 years of Glamour + Free Clinique gift

Hi Guys :)

Glamour is hosting a great freebie giveaway :) I got 3 magazines today. I put a heart next to the things I got. What do you think? Any other recommendations? Might buy more tomorrow :D




Tass said...

I went to four different shops today looking for Glamour because I really wanted the mascara. I finally got one but next on my list is All about eyes. Hope they don't sell out too quickly :(

Sarbeauty said...

ohh so going to get that magazine i normanlly do all the time..but think this one might sell out fast!

Esra said...

Waaa, cool!!! Ich will auch! :-) Vor allem das Zeig gegen die Augenringe wäre echt toll! :-)



liz said...

How about the high impact mascara ?
I cant live without mascara :")

Liz Secret Rendezvous

Terri said...

i think i want all of them :/ great way to sample i think ill have to buy them over a couple of days so i dont feel to bad!

pelininstyle said...

So cool:) I liked those gifts:)7 day scrub is great,too.

Gem said...

I got the one with mascara and I love it, thinking of switching to it from my lancome one! x

helen turnbull said...

I cant find it anywhere, is sold out :(

Helen, X

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