17 Mar 2011

Living in the 1960's

Heyo Guys :)

It was hubbys birthday last night so we went out for diner :) So I asked my sis to take couple of pics. I found a programme only where you can edit pics in the 1960's style :D SOOO COOOLLL!




pelininstyle said...

Ohhhh happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)
The photos loook sooo coool:)

Jane Alisa said...

Gorgeous pictures, I love your blouse. xoxo

agnes said...

jolies photos

Miranda said...

Great blouse, I bought one like it last night, I can't wait to wear it!!


Anna said...

You are a very beatiful woman. And I like your broche its a nice combination with the blouse.
xoxo Anna

Moda ve Hobi Perisi said...

çok güzel çıkmışsın resimlerde bluzunla çok hoşmuş:)

rebeltakipte said...

broşuna bayıldım

helen turnbull said...

love the shirt and the brooch.

Helen, X

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