16 Dec 2014


Hello :) I'm so ready for the holidays. I'm going to Exeter on Saturday to stay with my sister. Will be there till the 30th. Back for NYE in London :) I want to chill and spend a lot of time with my sister. And of course go sale shopping :) NYE I probably go to a house party. Its the worse day to be out and about in London. Too many people and its too cold. I have done it once when I was here as a tourist and that's more than enough. 

I was planning on NOT to shop till sales are on :( but I couldn't resist and placed an order with They All Hate Us. Its an Australian blog and I'm addicted to their blog and style :) I just love the laid back Australian style. Its super simple but chic. Most of the time they post inspirational photos on their blog but once a month they have a shop edit where they put on sale their favorite items. They also show how you can wear the items. It gives you a lot of inspiration. What is also intriguing is that its Australian brands that I've never heard of :) Check out their latest shop edit here

This is what I bought. Links to all items are below. Enjoy xxx


9 Dec 2014


Hello :) I'm back with another post. Really getting back into blogging. While scrolling through my blog I noticed that I had not done an Insta Lately blog post for so long. I love Instagram. I get a lot of inspiration on there on fashion, home, food, beauty and on loads of other topics. I would say out of all social networks Instagram and Pinterest are my two favourite. I'm a very visual person and I find both networks very calming and inpsiring. 
I'm going to Ottolenghi's restaurant in Angel tonight :) I have been wanting to go there for so long. It was quiet tough to get a table so I hope it will be worth it. I love Mediterranean food but I guess Im also biased because Im Mediterranean :) Have you guys ever been?
Anyway, I will leave you with my Insta update from the last couple of months. Enjoy :) xxx Tugba 

4 Dec 2014

Selam :) crazy times since I'm back from Germany. This is going to be a super short post. It was a friends birthday two weeks ago and we went silent disco :) God... it was so much fun. Have you guys ever been? It was at the Mill Bank Tower in London. Amazing view, good music and great people. Definitely doing that again. This is what I wore :) A bit more dressy than my usual raver outfits. I bought the dress in Hamburg :) fell in love straight away. I think the braiding in my hair goes really well with the dress. Let me know what you think xxx Tugba

Dress: Zara Ring: Regalrose

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