9 Dec 2014


Hello :) I'm back with another post. Really getting back into blogging. While scrolling through my blog I noticed that I had not done an Insta Lately blog post for so long. I love Instagram. I get a lot of inspiration on there on fashion, home, food, beauty and on loads of other topics. I would say out of all social networks Instagram and Pinterest are my two favourite. I'm a very visual person and I find both networks very calming and inpsiring. 
I'm going to Ottolenghi's restaurant in Angel tonight :) I have been wanting to go there for so long. It was quiet tough to get a table so I hope it will be worth it. I love Mediterranean food but I guess Im also biased because Im Mediterranean :) Have you guys ever been?
Anyway, I will leave you with my Insta update from the last couple of months. Enjoy :) xxx Tugba 


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