23 Feb 2011

Brush Matters


Was looking for a brush holder to store my brushes :) Just ordered this. Looks very sleek don't you think??



19 Feb 2011

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Need a pair of red trousers in my life :D I should start searching ASAP!



6 Feb 2011

Hi Guys :)

I'm in Germany... Finally! Will be staying here for a week. 

As you can see from the pictures I could not resist and bought couple of things. The Chanel bronzer is AHHH-MAZZIIINNNGGG! Love it... Worth the hard earned money. 

I also bought the Vogue Spring Summer Collections Magazine. I paid 25 pounds for it but it is soooo worth the money. Its a gorgeous magazine. I should not really call it a magazine. It is more like book :) Really thick and full with pictures. Have you ever bought it? It comes out twice a year and I will definitely repurchase it in future.

Tomorrow I will check out the GERMAN DRUGSTORES :) I have a huge shopping list. Hope I can find everything. 

Any recommendations my super sweet German followers??? 



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