6 Feb 2011

Duty Free Free Free Free

Hi Guys :)

I'm in Germany... Finally! Will be staying here for a week. 

As you can see from the pictures I could not resist and bought couple of things. The Chanel bronzer is AHHH-MAZZIIINNNGGG! Love it... Worth the hard earned money. 

I also bought the Vogue Spring Summer Collections Magazine. I paid 25 pounds for it but it is soooo worth the money. Its a gorgeous magazine. I should not really call it a magazine. It is more like book :) Really thick and full with pictures. Have you ever bought it? It comes out twice a year and I will definitely repurchase it in future.

Tomorrow I will check out the GERMAN DRUGSTORES :) I have a huge shopping list. Hope I can find everything. 

Any recommendations my super sweet German followers??? 




Irene Villora Esteve. said...

I agree hun, I've bought VOUGE each month since I was 13 :)


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Cindy Van Dyck said...

Wow amazing shots! xx

Ceady said...

Great post :)

Esra said...

Habe leider keine besonderen Empfehlungen für dich :-) Aber ich wünsch dir trotzdem einen guten Einkauf und auch sonst ganz viel Spaß in Deutschland :-)



Margaret said...

aww fab pictures! have a nice shopping <3 :)

Anonymous said...

I've been using chanel bronzer for years, my fave! Have fun in Germany!!
Thanks for stopping by & your sweet comment, keep in touch!


Ebru said...

O M G jealous of that Chanel Bronze Universel!!! I looked for it at two Duty Frees and nada! :/ Wahhh I guess I'll have to pay full price PLUS tax on it in the states! Hope you're having an amazing time in Germany hunni! ♥

Jules said...

gorgeous photos! Will def check out the chanel bronzer, i'm a big fan of bronzer and have yet to try this one!!

Thanks love!
following your blog, its super cute!


pelininstyle said...

Great buys:))I know this Vogue issue I will purchase it,too:) You are right:))

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