31 Jan 2011


Heyo Babes,

Long time no see. I know I keep repeating it in every post but uni is pretty intense. No time for a break. Therefore, I decided to take my own break. I'm going on Saturday to Germany for a week. See family and friends and have short break from all the stress.

Just came from Uni. It's bloody cold again :( Was really happy when it was a bit warmer the last couple of weeks. Thought I could put away my winter coats but now that it got colder - Well, that was that!

It's really weird but I'm such a beauty junkie right now :) Never bought that many cosmetics. I will do a separate post this week :) showing all my goodies.

As you can see from the pic :) I'm wearing tie bow again. I'm sooo in love with tie bows at the moment. The one that I'm wearing in the pic is my hubbys hehehe He wore it to our wedding. Funny don't you think?? Do you like women wearing bow ties??

I'm off now. Will eat something and than bed.

Take care




Anonymous said...

cute picture! & you can pull of the bow tie at least! lol

TheOtherSideofCool said...

love the bowtie. I think women in ties and bow ties is sooo super cool xx

Ronja said...

such a lovely, cute picture! bow ties look great on you! ;-)

civciv said...

sayfama hosgeldin tatlim *_*
begenmene cok sevindim !!

seni tarzin da gercekten müthis <3

okumaya alicaktim demin, iyiki beni buldun !


Esra said...

Du bist so hübsch!! Tolles Bild! <3


sbot said...


Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )




Cindy Van Dyck said...

You're beautiful!xx

Kenzie said...

So cute! Love that lip color on you

YASMINE said...

I remember my time at uni., it was hectic but so much fun! If u'r super busy at Uni u could use that and post pics of u there (ur Uni looks), ur very pretty so it'll be a shame not too... Most blogs tend to look the same but yours is defenetly different, It's original and I love it!
I'm now a follower


Ceady said...

DEAR Tugba
I could write in english :-)! But my english is terrible!!! I try it! :)
But You can find google translate in right part of my blog :).
AND Your mother is from Greece? Oh, I love Greece! :) There are kindly and friendly people :)!!!

Selma Janina said...

such beautiful picture of you! Loving the Lipstick color!

I am definitly following you too! Awsome Blog!
The Nailolish is from the Douglas store/ Nail art/ they have a gold color too! xXx lg

The Fashion Writress said...

Gorgeous! and i love bow ties on women when it suits the girl :D


xy said...

Hello lovely :)!

thanks so much for your great comment :)!

i really like your blog! looks so nice....your blog inspired me!!! Girl your looks so preety

i follow you! Please follow me too! Thanks & Kisses ;)

Wish you a great time:)

with love

Ceady said...

I wrote post in english, because U wanted it :-)!
But U should know, that my english is horrible!!!
Your lookbook looks great!

london loves said...

Thanks for following, sweety! Means a lot to me!


Luísa Lión said...

very nice pictures and cool blog I like it!!University is really intense right now with all thgose exams I'm glad when its done you probably too ;) What do you study?



pelininstyle said...

Tugbacim it's been a real long time! I always check your blog and see that you're not here:(
I wish you a great stay in Germany. Take photos!

Unknown said...

have fun in germany! jealous you get to travel :)


Vera Paradis said...

Amazing photos


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