19 Apr 2010

In love :) Heart Suspender Tights from Topshop

I finally bought the Heart Suspender Tights from Topshop. They were sold out all the time in my local Topshop. They look sooo great. I have to look very well after them so I can wear after the summer as well. I think I prefer them more than the Henry Holland ones. The Topshop ones have hearts on them making them more cute :D




xoLauraox09 said...

They are GOURGEOUS! These are going on my wishlist :)


Rosanna said...

i want them!


Sarbeauty said...

love these :) what will you were them with? x

Emskiebear said...

Do you know where I can get them now (Aug 2010),
internet or otherwise?

Abby Indge said...

I waaaant these, but they're sold out and the ebay prices are double!! :-( BOOO! xx

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