10 May 2010

Mini Haul...maybe medium :)

Hi Guys,

I had my first exam today and could not sleep last night as I was sooo nervous :( Really tired now. After the exam I treated myself... hehehe As women doooo! The first picture with the nude lipstick and nail polish is from M&S each £2.50. Only tried lipstick and I think I finally found the perfect nude lipstick for myself. Its gorgeous and really creamy. Will do swatch once I have a bit more time. On the second picture the summer glow is from primark. Haven't tried yet... so not sure if any good. The lipcote and No7 foundation brush are from Boots. Heard really good reviews about it... anyway we will see. After Lisa Eldridge recommending the No7 brush on youtube I thought I give it a try. Normally, I don't use a brush but thought may look better with brush. The final picture that has the gorgeous blush on it is from primark. Anyway I'm going to bed now. Good night ;) I will keep you updated once I have tried all.

Have you tried any of the products?? 


Love you all



missy_ellie_uk said...

I have the lilac nail varnish from M&S, it's not the longest lasting, but for £2.50 I think they're really good value. The blush looks pretty. x

Unknown said...

@missy_ellie_uk Ive seen the lilac one as well :) really pretty but have the barry m lilac so didnt buy. The red is sooo vibrant :) only reason why i bought hehehe

pelininstyle said...

Shimmer and Glow looks perfect:) The blush looks gorgeous,too.And your exams? don't get stressed out! YOU GO GIRL!:)

playwithfashion said...

Thnak U for Your comment! Love the color of nail polish!

Ana said...

Ahh, sorry, ich habs nicht eher geschafft zu antworten...

Ich komm aus der schönsten Hafenstadt (ha ha): Hamburg =)

Bin gespannt, was du am Samstag noch bekommst (wenn du es denn zeigen möchtest?)

Ich finds gut, dass du dich nach der Prüfung erstmal mit etwas Shopping belohnst ;) Der rote Nagellack ist super schön!

Ich hoffe du bestehst deine Prüfungen mit den besten Ergebnissen!! Keep my fingers crossed for you =)

Mode Junkie said...

love your makeup haul!


Anna said...

der nude lippenstift ist echt schön :)

Alice M. Huynh said...

hey liebes :D

danke für deinen kommentar!
freut mich sehr <3

loooove the things you bought! especially the nude lipstick and the nailpolish <3

love, alice

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing as always
and i really appreciate your lovely comment!


pelininstyle said...

Hello Tugba:)
You won an award check my blog:))
Hope you'll like it:)

emily said...

that nail polish is an absolutely gorgeous shade!

t said...

Sweet haul!


Anonymous said...

i love treats! the nail colour looks hot, perfect for when the sun ever decides to come out!!

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