27 Oct 2013


Hello :) I'm back from Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Had an amazing time :) Met a lot of new people and soaked up endless sun. I'm really gutted to be back in the UK. I just love sunshine and beach. I definitely want to settle to a hot country... Not sure where yet but sunshine and beach just make me a happier person... :) A LOT HAPPIER!

My brother is here from Germany so we did a lot of sightseeing this weekend which was very tiring. Really wanted to chill this weekend but he wants to settle to the UK and I wanted to make his first days in the UK as fun as possible :)

I'm flying to Germany next week :) Back to my home town. Spend some time with family and meet up with friends. Can not wait :) Have an amazing Sunday evening... its now 21.20... aaa nooo :) Its 20.20. End of British summer time :) xxx Tugba

Blouse: Mango (dyed darker), Collar: Asos, Trousers: H&M, Boots: No name second hand


My Own Fairytale said...

Gorgeous outfit, love the collar.
I've been in Dubai last month, but only on the airport hehe.
Hope to see more than the airport next time :-)



Unknown said...

You look really chic !

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