15 Jun 2010

Jungle and More

Dress: Vintage, Belt: Primark, Sandals: Next

Hellloooo Guys,

Yesterday we went with friends to Alton Towers. It was soo much fun but very very tiring. Last night when we arrived at home I was basically dead hehe went straight into bed. As we live quite far away from Alton Towers we drove up their on Sunday and stayed in a Hotel. On Sunday when we left home it was very sunny and warm but we didn’t have time to take pictures so we decided to take pictures when we got to the Hotel. However, as you can see from the pics they have all been taken inside the Hotel room as it was really heavy raining when we arrived. I don’t like photos that have been taken inside but we had no other option.

Anyway here is the the long awaited review on the Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse:
On Saturday evening I finally managed to try the Clarins Self tanner.

The mousse is very very thick but surprisingly it soaks in quite quickly. The mousse is clear but because it is quite thick you can easily see where you have already applied it. After the application my skin felt amazingly soft and not sticky at all. Normally, when I apply self tanner I feel really dirty as my whole body feels very sticky but for the first time it did not feel like I had self tanner on. Also there was no disgusting smell. My conclusion was WOWW :)

Next morning:
I got up and firstly looked on my bed sheets to see whether it has stained but NADA - no stains at all. Then I ran to the mirror. I was not as tanned as expected but you could see a slightly golden tan.

Nowwwww… everything sounds perfect up to here but unfortunately it isn’t. Firstly, I was quite disappointed that the tan wasn't darker, Secondly, it went a bit patchy around my neck and ankles even though I exfoliated every centimetre of my body before applying the self tan. Not sure if it was my fault therefore I might give it a second try to see if it gets patchy again.

To sum up...

Good sides:
+no disgusting smell
+no stickiness
+very moisturizing
+doesn’t dry out skin
+doesn’t turn orange

-only gives you a slightly golden tan
-went a bit patchy
-quite pricy

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to very pale skin as it doesn’t turn orange and gives only a slightly golden tan. However, if you are after a darker tan then this is nothing for you. If you have anymore questions regarding the self tanner, just leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.




Sara Bow said...

total hübsche bilder :D

das kleid ist hammer!


Victoria said...

lovely dress !

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

great dress and sweet smile^_____^

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hug and kiss

Nikita said...

Nice dress!

xx. http://livingafashionablelife.blogspot.com

Malu Swartjes said...

amazing dress and the color suits you perfectly =D


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Sarah said...

nice dress!!
like your blog.


pelininstyle said...

Tugbaaaaaaaaaaaaa RED is really YOUR color. Can I just say WOOW:))
Thank you for the review:) Apparently this one is really for me since I am as I told you really milk white:)) You know what on the photos you really have a nice tan according to me.
I will try this tanning cream:)

FashDreamz said...

you look great! and im i seriously the only
one who's is seeing a little whitney port in you! haha! xoxo

OddSoul Designs by Afura Fareed said...

nice vintage find!

ilsteviewonder said...

great dress i love the print! gorgeous :)

April said...

I agree with the girl above. That outfit really reminds me of Whitney Port! :)

Chelsea Finn said...

you look gorgeous in that dress! thanks for the review!

<3chelsea elizabeth

vnikali said...

you have such a great smile!
the dress looks great on you !


Sıla Yılmaz said...

love your dress :)


canım bi de bu arada bana bi mail atabilirmisin bişey söylicem :)
burda senin mailini bulamadım..



Serena said...

I like your dress!


Emilie Delance said...

Thanks for the review :D Love the dress on you! I have it in green <3

Siru said...

The red lipstick suits you gorgeously!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

i love your dress!

O'STYLE said...

You look really nice, beautiful!


Bakcocó said...

i like your dress!***

Blackcowboy said...

wow nice and hot dress, I like the tiger ;)

Ida said...

Loove the dress, great colors!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I just love that color on your! Beautiful!! =) And great product feedback. Thanks for the heads up!

MissNada2010 said...

I love that dress. You have a nice smile too. Keep smiling :)

Sabina said...

So prretty you look amazing :)) And you are very beautiful too :))

veronicaa said...

Awesome dress!
Xoxo Veronica

Anonymous said...

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Sofi said...

that dress looks great on you¡¡¡

chekout my blog¡¡


Anonymous said...

coooookkkk güzel ;)))))

BreanneS said...

Your skin is lovely. You look great in the dress, and beautiful smile!
I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog. Check it out!

stylenuggets said...

Love the colour of the dress.

Unknown said...

wundervolles lächeln!

Sara Bow said...

Danke süße für dein kommi =)
Also von oben nach unten: 170-150-100

wohnst du eigntl in der nähe von london??


Ivelina FriChic said...

Oh, what a beautiful dress!

Emilie said...

Gorgeous darling!

Claudet said...

You look gorgeous!

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Adorable dress! Great style...lovely photo!

joana said...

Ohh you look so cute.
Take a look on my blog
Love, johanna

Carrie Michael said...

Self tanner is still better than UV rays, right? ;)

xo, carrie


fashionjunkie said...

You're so pretty! Cute dress, i love the colours.


Rabia said...

hi süsse. dein outfit ist klasse. endlich habe ich mich auch angemeldet. :D schau auch mal bei mir vorbei ... :D
HDL öptüm

Stiene Saenen said...

That's a beautiful dress!!

Carla said...

You are beautiful and I love your hair!

Great blog


Redhead in Law

minnja said...

Great dress, love it!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Elbisen çok yakışmış canım kırmızı ve tonları kesinlikle senin rengin bence :)

chrisjinkim said...

love your dress! We def have something in common ;)

feelgood said...

oh, you're really pretty!
i like your smile and your look, but your dress ist wonderfull, too ;))

Настя said...

Очень красивое платье!!!! Супер!!!

Anonymous said...

nice smile...
love dress



Nicole said...

that dress is totally adorable. i love it !

Ducia Ciao said...

Love the prints!!!

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Xxxxx, Crystal

t said...

Such a fun dress!


Hannah said...

Lovely dress!


Dominika said...

You look great in this amazing dress!

Viv said...

nice dress! looks great on you :)


Unknown said...

i like your smile its really beautiful

lovely smile

happy weekend

Dressed4Success said...

LOvely dress!!*

Visita mis blogs! >:-)


Anonymous said...

You look georgeous :) xx

Giulia Alborghetti & Stefania Finassi said...

love your dress, you look beautiful!
come to visit my blog if you want =)


Style and Outfit said...

Amazing outfit!!

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