16 Dec 2010


Hi Babes :)

I went to Boots yesterday as I was in desperate need to buy something :) I always feel like I have to reward myself when I'm studying. Do you know that feeling??

Anyway... I've never tried anything from the brand 17 before. Not sure why as the prices are very reasonable. While browsing the aisles yesterday I saw that they were giving away a free eye shadow palette when you spend £6. So I looked around and bought the lipstick and eye dazzle. The lipstick is very moisturising and shiny. Its more like a lipgloss but I love it. Its not very pigmented but the lips look very juicy and full :) I haven't tried the eye dazzle yet but I heard good things about it. And as you can see the free eyeshadow palette is gorgeous :) I love the colours. What do you think? 

I also took some photos of my recent buys (below). I tried the Lipcote Lipstick sealer before but wasn't very happy with it. My lipstick didn't last very long. So I thought I give the Rimmel one a try :) and I'm very impressed with it. My lipstick lasted 5 hours :)  

I bought the Coastal Scents color corrector last month and have only tried it couple of times but can't really make up my mind if I like it or not. You can mix it in your foundation or use it under your eye for dark circles. I love Benefit's Lemon Aid  but not sure about this one. Will carry on trying it and see if I change my mind.

I also bought three new lipsticks. They are all matte. I love matte lipsticks at the moment. So sexy. One is by Rimmel (030 Tell No One) and the other two are from Mac. Middle one is Lady Danger and the last one is Diva. I love both :) The next one on my list is Russian Red. Do you like matte lipsticks??




Unknown said...

wow perfect colors for christmas outfits!!!


Nilufar said...

Tugbaaa heyyya...great post...you just made me add that rimmel lipcote to my ever growing want want list...i'll look out for it in superdrug...i to wasnt impressed with the lipcote lipcote,,,utter rubbish...


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Unknown said...

i love mac products! they are so professional!

Unknown said...

I like the embossing pattern.Almost a pity to touch and use the products ;-) http://www.themodernvv.com/

xx said...

i need to get the eye dazzle stuff and the lady danger red looks so good!

pelininstyle said...

HEyy, that's a niceee haul! The eye make up palette caught my eye:) gule gule kullan:)

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