3 Feb 2013

A very HOLY DIY :)

When I saw this shirt couple of weeks ago in the GERMAN In Style I knew I had to have it :) So I searched the net as well as ebay but NADA - sold out. Asos was selling the original version of the shirt - here but out of stock :( So I decided to DIY. I bought the iron on letters on ebay and the shirt is from H&M Menswear. Last weekend I finally got round to try it out. It turned out to be nice :) I still have a lot of iron on letters left. Any suggestions what else I could iron on? xxx Tugba

German In Style version :)
You need: Plain Shirt, Iron-on letters, Iron
 Cut and position the letters :) As I'm a perfectionist it took me half an hour till I had positioned the letters as I want... 
Further instructions on how to use the iron-ons is included in the pack :) READ CAREFULLY... I left the iron on the letters for too long so some letters turned out weird :) But I like the look it gives it a special touch.
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) this is how my shirt turned out at the end... I really like it but lets see whether it will survive the next wash.


Keit said...

Perfection! Your DIY's look amazing and so easy to do ^_^ Although, I'll sure screw something up, nonetheless it look amazing!

Indianbeautie said...

Very Cool...Waiting for your OOTD wearing this t shirt


Unknown said...

Agreed! Cant wait for the OOTD look with this :) Such a creative idea to just do it yourself! Well worth the time because it looks great :)



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