16 Jul 2010


I nearly reached the 200 follower mark so I thought it's time to say THANK YOU :) with a £50 ASOS Voucher :)  click here to check out the website!
All you have to do is

1.  Be a Follower of my blog :) of course

2. Comment saying what you most like or dislike about my blog. Recommendations are very welcome. 



4. ENDS : 15. August  31/08/2010




Unknown said...

congratulations on your followers! you really deserve it!

I like how simple your blog is and I like your posts on OOTDs. Your style is great !:)

I linked this to my sidebar with picture


Kristiana Vasarina said...

I like that you post many outfits, but I also really enjoy posts where people show what they have bought, I think you should post more of those!

I put up a link to your giveaway on my sidebar :) would love to win!!


Lynzy said...

I follow you through Google!
I LOVE your outfit posts, FAV

I mentioned you in my post today :)

xo Lynzy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know how much work blogs are and you deserve the payoff!

ilsteviewonder said...

I love your blog! You have awesome style!!

The Jilted Lover said...

I love Asos..such a great e-store!

I V Y said...

ok i'm following!
i think you should get an actual header with some funky writing or something! maybe some donuts ahha :D

instead of blogging it, will you accept a tweet about it? please?

Cupcake said...

great giveaway! i'm in!
and i'm already a follower

my favourite thing about your blog is the way you make every post into a little story, you seem so nice! :)

i'll post a link to your giveaway on my blog.
fingers crossed!

FrouFrouu said...


Anonymous said...

you've got an inspirational blog
please keep it coming, i'll definitely be back!
thanks for sharing.


colleen said...


maybe 3 photos max per post, just for peeps with slow internet connections :)

am a follower, but don't have my own blog. still qualify? hope so. thx for the giveaway!

csimard AT shaw DOT ca

Marine said...

Hi, so I bought my crazy sunglasses on this website : http://www.ydeltuyt.nl/

Bye ;)

Unknown said...

what a wonderful giveaway!!! ooh, and it's an international competition...cool!
xox alison

Morning Cloak said...

ooh fun I always LOVE the stuff at ASOS, but am a little scared about ordering stuff online overseas.. great blog!


Manus Lemone said...

great blog really interesting, a huge fan!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Oooh...you know I'm a big fan of ASOS!! Love this giveaway!! xoxoxoxo

Vanessa said...

I like your Outfit posts and that you're always smileing on the pictures. A chance to make your Blog better is maybe a new header.

Emily said...

Hi! I am a new follower, I have been searching for beauty blogs all day. :)

So far though, I really like your outfit posts. You definitely have a cool, clean style. I also love all your lip colors! Sounds weird, but you wear all the shades so well.

I am not a blogger (just a blog reader :)) but I tweeted about your giveaway, @emilyyay.

Also, my email is emilyyeh7921 @ yahoo dot com

Emilie said...

Congrats !

Lana said...

Hey Tugba!

finde deinen blog und dein give away wirklich toll. ich weiß gar nicht mehr so genau wie ich dich gefunden habe, allerdings ´bin ich froh darüber, da ich deinen style echt toll finde, da alltagstauglich ;)

vielleicht könntest du mehr hauls zeigen, wäre echt cool zu sehen.

Da ich in dem Sinne nicht blogge, kann ich wohl nicht an deinem Gewinnspiel mitmachen, wollte dir aber dennoch für deine 200 Leser gratulieren :)

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland,
Lana :)


Rebel Attitude said...

Tugba, I have looked up your outfit and you look really pretty!

pelininstyle said...

Congrats Tugggggbaaaaa:)
I love your blog:)
And your outfit choices are great!

Angelika said...

I love your previous post! So lovely hat :).

Lia said...




kussi bussi

aiehst voll supiiiiiiiiiii aus kussi bussi herzi

Anonymous said...

Hallo Tugba,

leider blogge ich nicht selber bin aber eine treue leserin deines blogs.

was ich gut an deinem blog finde...
... deine symphatische ausstrahlung.
... deine outfits, die nicht nachgemacht oder langweilig aussehen.
... das gekonnte einsetzen von accessoires.
... gute texte.

was ich nicht so mag...
... das layout und den header. :)

vielleicht kann ich ohne eigenen blog mitmachen, würde mich sehr freuen.

Liebe Grüße Fatma

Imsu said...

Wow! I'd love to win this voucher! Enter me!
I'm a follower of your blog.

The best thing about your blog is that the layout is clean and simple so your posts seem more interesting then. =)

I've blogged about your contest here: http://pithsala.blogspot.com/2010/07/ps-i-love-fashion-and-beauty-50-asos.html

And congrats! Great work.



Anonymous said...

i'm a new follower!
so far i like that you take a lot of pictures!
i linked this in my sidebar: http://sassyagapi.blogspot.com

liz said...

Congratulation dear :)
I am your new follower :)
I love your OOTD post. And moreover, almost all of it is in outdoor :) (i love OOTD outdoor)
Some recomendation for you, is giving some music for your blog :) You can put song that you like :)

Also, i put your giveaway in my new post here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/08/hot-and-cold.html

Good luck everyone :)

Curtney said...

i follow thru GFC

i'd love to see more colors in your blog. a much colorful design would give it more zest

posted this giveaway with a linkback on my sidebar

curtneysison AT gmail.com

Vanessa said...


♥♥ Indah Julia ♥♥ said...

Enter me please... i'm your follower (of course!) xx


Thifa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sanam said...

Great giveaway :)I've become a follower & i've put the "win £50 asos voucher" picture(thats located on the side bar of your blog) onto my blog StopAndStareStyle with a link to this post.
And what do i love about your blog? well the fact that its about fashion is good enough for me lol,as i am quite the fashion junkie.But i specifically love checking out your style posts (where you showcase your day-to-day ensembles),i'd love to see more of those :)

Oh and by the way,how will the winner be chosen? as its not specified in the above post...

StopAndStareStyle - My super-duper fashion & style blog :D Read,comment,follow and enjoy! :D

Unknown said...

The winner will be chosen via random.org :D

Unknown said...

I have jst come across your blog today its unreal i have really enjoyed your fashion posts and you keep it real with regards to fashion. i love i love

Maria said...

Congrats on the 200 followers ('m one of them :-D)

I love - like most of the comments say - the outfit post but also the diversity :-)

Claire M said...

well done on the 200+!!
i like all your outfit posts! i love looking at pictures! :P

j3nhow said...

hey there!

well im a new follower and i love ur blog the way it is! love ur outfit.. i enjoy these the most!! so keep it up!

ill def blog about this giveaway in my next post! and gosh im crossing fingers i win this! i love ASOS so much and i shop a lot, so much that i'm one of their VIP customers!!!

xoxo jenna

pelininstyle said...

Heyyyy:) Please enter me:)I absolutely love your blog and your outfit choices:)
I will twit and blog about your giveaway hun.

Becca. said...

Wow, this such an amazing competition and i've only just seen it as i've just come back off holiday :)
i'm a huge fan of ASOS (see my blog!)
and i buy like £20 a month worth of clothes from there, it's like the only place i go! :)
and i really love your blog, i thought i was a follower ages ago but i wasn't so i'm a follower now :)
i adore your outfits, how they are so lovely and wearable and i also love your latest post, it's great i'm looking for the right pair of conserve right now :) and i'm loving your stripey top :)
i'm starting my alevels in september and would really love to change my wardrobe a bit and winning this competition would be the best thing ever! :)
i've entered so many blog competitions and never won any before!
hope you have a fab day lovely :)


j3nhow said...

Hello, just sharing with you the link on my blog where I blogged about your giveaway:


Secretly hoping I win coz I spotted some more clothes I wanna buy on ASOS! Must stop checking their website daily... bad for my bank account haha :d


o said...

oh wow! count me in! i'm a follower:) i love your outfit pictures and also, the lifestyle portion of your blog:)


Unknown said...

im following you - i love all the pics on your blog - you have great style. I cant blog about it as i have done all my posts for the week, but i have tweeted about it - www.twitter.com/kirstyba

ece..* said...

hi :)
i loved your outfits and of course the photos of Turkey :)

naz said...

you have a really different style. It can change day to day or it depends on your mood. :)

totally interesting...

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

-followed your blog
-i like your style and the way you mix and match your outfit. :)
hmm. and i think the theme of your blog is too simple. maybe monochrome background would be perfect. :)
-blog it to my blog HERE


blondebelmont said...

I am following via bloglovin! Love your blog!! =-)

Sharon Lei said...

What a fun giveaway. ASOS Rocks!

xx Love & Aloha

Sybil said...

awesome giveaway!!! :D i love asos!! they have such good things!!! your blog is really filled with nice outfit posts.. :)

im having a giveaway myself that you might be interested in! :D

Animated Confessions

Maria said...

I'm follower - maRyya
blogged: http://konadnails.blogspot.com/2010/08/giveaways-im-entering-this-week_19.html


Maria said...

What I like at your blog is that you upload so many pics, and pics are always very wellcome!

Beckerman Girls said...

Love your dress!!! You loook soooo gorgeous!
Blue is definitely your color!
Big kisses,
xo The Beckerman girls


cornelio03 said...

Linked this giveaway on my sidebar at

GFC follower

A splash of colors would do your blog template good!


AleshaDazzle said...

Congrats on yur 200+ followers
Heyyy, i'm a new follower and blogger,,
So far, i like How you take so many pictures, and all ur outfits look amazing..

Email - aleen.dahir@gmail.com
i'ave out a oicture and a link to this giveaway in my sidebar..


Ashley Dy said...

I like your posts! Please post more photos soon! I'm definitely following and joining!

tracymiami said...

Hey sweetie

I love your blog and your styleeee..... I love seeing the way people mix and match cool and quirky items and make your fab outfits


Unknown said...

Following your blog :D
you should make new header!! :D
thank you asos website looks awesome. i hope i can win this.

Alexa1202 said...


I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.
I would love to enter your giveaway. I like your outfit posts. I like your style :)
I also blogged about the giveaway here: http://alexa1202.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html


Anonymous said...

really really love the prize!!

sign up for this

followed you, blog about this
and last but not least my comment to your blog

it's inspirational!
Love those posts but the minus is: it's just too monochrome (white and black) maybe a little color would be awesome!


Monika said...

Tugba, I like ur giveaway so much, so I'm gonna try my luck:)

What I like the most about ur blog is ur smile. I'm serious, u look as really very sympa person. Also like ur style, although each outfit is different, it's still so much you.

What I dislike is centering photos and text. In my opinion it will look much better, if you align text and photos to the left or to both the left and right margins:)


Camilla said...

Following, I love how you mix vintage with new, so inspiring, especially for girls like me who can't afford designer ;)


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