10 Sept 2011

The Start of a New Era

Hi guys :)

VERY LONG TIME no see. I was soooo busy with my Master dissertation and my new job that I could not post on my blog for ages :( BUT I submitted my dissertation yesterday and now I'm free. We went with hubby to the BBC Proms last night :) Celebrating our anniversary and the submission of my dissertation. It was great :) You definitely should go at some point in your life. Tomorrow I'm off to Finland :) HELSINKI here I come. To be more precise I'm going with work. I will be busy with work from Monday to Friday but I will be staying till Monday :) So I have 2.5 days to explore Helsinki. Have you got any recommendations?? I will try and take loads of pics.

I'm off to watch a movie with hubby now :) I leave you with the pics from last night. Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me so quality is not that great :( Sorry.

Have a great weekend :)



 Excuse the weird face :)


shishiwaldorf said...

I love your lipstick!


Eve Maria said...

congratulations! what a great way to celebrate finishing your dissertation and anniversary. Proms is definitely something I want to experience! Maybe when I finish my dissertation!

TheOtherSideofCool said...

You look lovely, that lipstick is amazing :) glad u had a good time and hope you enjoy Finland xx

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pelininstyle said...

You look like a doll tugba not weird at all! I've missed your posts happy to see you back!

Anonymous said...


Yeşim - Nils Mum said...

Tuğbacım I've changed my blog URL from 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' to 'Nil's mum'. To follow:


Yola Thorp said...

great post.


F said...

your skin is flawless :O

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