24 Jul 2012


The weather is gorgeous in the UK :) after weeks of rain finally the sun is shining. On Friday I went for drinks and delicious Japanese food. Not usual sushi. Everyone is talking about sushi but Japanese cuisine has much more to offer. As you know I went to Tokyo in March and in one week I discovered so much delicious food - I gained on weight. So on Friday we went to Abeno Too in Soho. They serve Okonomiyaki -  Japanese savoury pancake. Delicious :)

On Saturday I was at a Boat Party on the Thames. The view was amazing but for 7 hours they played house music. I don't hate house music but 7 f... hours :) It was just too much. On Sunday I just chilled. I created a collage for you of my weekend.
P.S. Aki hated this photo so she will kill me when she finds out :) Dear Aki I think you look lovely on the pic please don't kill me. LOVE YOU LOADS!



Unknown said...

Hi dear I do love your blog and I'm so happy you liked mine! I'm now following you and I hope to hear from you soon!
There is a little contest on my blog: if you've an old travel pictures you'd like to dig out and tell me what now it means for you, you'll published on my blog! And the picture I'll like the most will be my cover picture on facebook for 15 days! Of course I'll promote your name and links! :) I wish you partecipated! :) see you!


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