16 Dec 2012

Dear Me: A post to myself :)

2012 was simply an AMAZING year :) Loads of trips, loads of holidays, loads of great new friends but most importantly loads of FUN :) Lets hope 2013 will be even better... Enjoy....
Making the most of my business trip to Indonesia :) Weekend trip to Bali.
Sailing trip with my team in September :) Unbelievable but it was in the UK... Yes it was hot enough to swim :)
My business trip to Beijing :) Had an amazing time... and a friends birthday. Love the cake pic. So much fun :)
This was at the Japanese Festival in London :) I LOVE HATS!
My holiday to Turkey. Super tanned :) Last pic was at my graduation
My friends wedding :) first bridesmaid job.
OOTD, On the middle one I am at my cousins wedding in the summer :) in Turkey. Love the pistachio dress.
My favourite pic from my friends wedding :) , Happy times - jumping around
The red dress was at my sisters wedding in the summer :), Turban pic was at my friends hen night 1920s - love the Turban
This was on my Japan holiday with my lovely friend Akiko :) Another highlight of this year is the great friendship with Akiko. I have only known her for a year but I love her loads :) We have soooo much fun together :) Its like a marriage with her lol I have withdrawal symptoms if I dont speak to her for 2 hours. Love you loads my Akicookie :) This is my declaration of LOVE :)


Tiffany said...

looks like a great year..love your photos - you always look like you're having lots of fun! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks :) love living...

Malcolm Vernon said...

Love the last one with Akiko - I love Japanese "Plintoclub" (Print Club: sort of kiosk) pictures! When can I have a Print Club feature on my Instagram??

Unknown said...


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