29 Aug 2013

new love

Hello :) It's Thursday... one more day till the weekend. I love bank holiday weeks :) 4 days work and then its weekend again. As I mentioned in my last post I was in Exeter for the bank holiday weekend. It was sooo nice catching up with friends and my little sister. My sister lives and studies in Exeter so it is quiet nice as I can stay at her house when I'm down there. Have you ever been to Exeter? It is GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, work wise its very tricky and this is the reason why I moved to London. I love London too :) Don't get me wrong... but I miss the community spirit :( for instance the whole town getting together on bonfire night and even small things like switching on of the Christmas lights :) I'm not sure whether I talked about it on my blog but I have been on a shopping ban for 3 - FREAKING - months :) my wardrobe and bathroom cupboards were about to explode. So my plan is to save money till Christmas and go on a massive sale shopping spree :) Of course being on a shopping ban doesn't equal too I do not accept any presents :) It also doesn't mean I cant persuade other people to buy me new things :) That's exactly what I did when I was in Exeter :) Fu (husband) gifted me the chunky heel canvas shoes below :) LOVE THEM! He wasn't really keen on them but that's ok... as long as I like them :) They are from New Look :) I'm sure I will wear the death out of them :) Let me know whether you like them :)
Have a wonderful day.
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New Look - couldn't find on their website but found on ebay - here


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