2 Sept 2010

Chit Chat


I hope you are having a good week :) I thought I'd do a teeny tiny chit chat post.

Ok, first of all Zara's online shop went live today :) I had a quick glance but could not spend a lot of time on it as I'm at work :( I'm sooooo curious! The first thing I will do tonight is - yes even before having diner - is checking out each page of the online shop :) Zara is one of my favourite shops but the one where I live is quite small. Therefore, I hope the online shop stocks a lot more. Have you checked it out already? What do you think?

As you probably have heard Lanvin designed for H&M and the collection will be available on the 23rd November. They first made a big secret out of it and finally announced today that the surprise designer is Lanvin :) In two weeks H&M's online shop will go live in the UK so I hope I can grab some nice pieces from the Lanvin collection. Was it a nice surprise for you? I have never bought anything from the previous collaborations as our H&M only stocks 1/3 of the collections :( Did you buy anything before? What do you think? Is it worth the hype or not?

My £50 Asos voucher giveaway is closed now. I will announce the winner at the weekend. Thank you very much for all your SUPER SWEET comments. They make me so happy :) I have now over 300 followers. Can't believe it. Never thought it would go so quick. Soooooo thank you very much for all your support.

I started using my twitter account FINALLY :) WOHOO! So if you are interested in what I'm up to the whole blessed day come and follow me :) Click here!

P.S. I have planned couple of DIY and Beauty posts for you :) So keep reading.

Have a great day :)



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Esra said...

Oh ja, ich habe schon jede Seite vom Zara Online-Shop genauestens untersucht :-) Super Sache: man kann beispielsweise Online Sachen bestellen und kostenlos in ein Shop deiner Wahl schicken lassen! Dort kannst du es dann abholen - das ist doch genial!
Und überhaupt - ich liebe Zara! Die haben so tolle Sachen!



helena said...

I love the h&m haha. Can't wait till the Lanvin collection is in stores.

Collette Osuna said...

Ill have to check all of this out..and pronto!! Im making my way to our H&M this weekend....cant wait..Ive seen tons of great new things!!

And....off to follow you on Twitter!! woo hoo:)

Emilie said...

Wauw great blog!! This was my first visit, but I am following now :)

Zara online store is COOOOL!! Now you don't even have to get outside your fauteuil to go shopping at zara haha :D



The Fashion Moodboard said...

Waah zara online shop? Oh my gosh, that's amazing! Love your blog too!

Anonymous said...

i am too excited about zara & h&m online! x

Stylelover said...

Online stores will make my credit card a mess!
Love your blog,

Stil Direktoru said...

Tuğba sana mail attım bakarsın bilgine sevgiler

Anonymous said...

The Zara online shop is amazing! Great selection to choose from! Oh how I wish I lived in the UK! I'm waiting for both Zara and H&M online to be available in the US :(



Kimberley said...

Really looking forward to H&M online shopping. Cant wait! Love your blog especially your Outfit Posts!


Rule of Fashion said...

love your blog

checkout my shoppingblog


Hueleasueños said...

YAY Zara online!

Teresa said...

I didn't knew about Zara shop on-line, that's great!
I'm so happy that Lanvin design for H&M!


Ana said...

Ich hab die Boots sogar bei ebay.co.uk gekauft, hast du da geschaut? Ansonsten sind die Doc Martens auch hammer ;) Flache Stiefel müssen wirklich unbedingt sein ;) Und die sind so bequem =)

Hab auch mal bei Zara auf die Seite geschaut, aber ich geh doch lieber in den Laden. Hab sogar festgestellt, dass nach ein paar Stunden einige Artikel gar nicht mehr verfügbar waren.

Bist du noch fündig geworden?

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