15 Sept 2010

Nails, Nails and Nails

As you probably have heard/seen Chanel has brought out a new nail varnish collection - Les Khakis de Chanel.


If I’m honest Khaki Brun and Khaki Rose are very similar to Particuliere.

Don’t you think?  
However, the third one, the Khaki Vert is a gorgeous colour *in the bottle* and very different to the millions of nail varnishes I own :) Yes you read it right it looks gorgeous in the bottle but on the nail it is a bit disappointing as the colour pay off is not as strong as expected. Also it is a very light khaki. I expected it to be darker. I'm sure opinions will differ on this but when I tried it at the counter I was quite disappointed. 

So I set myself a goal :) - TO FIND A KHAKI GREEN NAIL VARNISH. And after some research I found Eyeko’s Military green nail varnish :)

So I ordered it straight away and it was delivered today. I’m seriously impressed with the nail varnish. The colour pay off is superb even after one layer. (Sorry for bad quality. Photo was taken via Blackberry)

 I would highly recommend it if you are after a khaki nail varnish that has a great colour pay off. And for £3.50 it is a bargain :) when compared to £19 for the Chanel one.

I would love to hear your thoughts :)




Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing..don't know if I'm going to buy them now :-)

We Are The Crowd said...

Looks gorgeous! I really want the Eyeko one now! :D x

love from Ellen xx


Waveney said...

ooo where did you order this from?


Unknown said...

@Waveney http://www.eyeko.com/eyeko-military-polish-p-108.html

agnes said...

J'adore le kaki que tu portes car j'aimerais vraiment obtenir cette couleur, dommage que je ne puisse pas le toruver en France, surtout à ce prix là, et si en plus il est mieux que le Chanel.
Et il te vas vraiment très bien, j'aime beaucoup

agnes said...

Je viens d'aller sur le site, et ils livrent en France, je vais prendre le même vernis que toi, mais est ce que je peux vraiment leur faire confiance ? et au bout de combien de temps, tu reçois la commande ?
J'attends ta réponse pour pouvoir passer ma commande.

Traduction ;
I just go on the site, and they engaged in France, I am going to take the same finish as you, but is that I can really be trusted? and for how long, you receive the order?
I await your response before placing my order.

ediot said...

hi darling! thanks for stopping by. i really like the khaki one. so nice.
hope youre having a wonderful week


Lara said...

Danke für die Glückwünsche :)
Und auch das Ringbild,ich find den sehr schön. Hat etwas verspieltes,süßes und ist nicht so brutal wie der H&M Ring.
Bei den Chanel Lacken halte ich mich ganz raus :D ich hab keine Lust mich in einen zu verlieben und dann is er eh ausverkauft ;) aber das navy grün ist super! Habe schon etwas rumgeschaut und nix gefunden,vll. bestelle ich mal bei eyeko...
Liebe Grüße!

pelininstyle said...

Tugba Eyeko is one of my favorite nail polish brands. they have great stuff! This color is very beautiful:)

Indianbeautie said...

hey..eyeko products are really amazing..have you tried their glow cream..its so amazing ..its similar to MACs strobe cream but less expensive


Cucu said...

Looks great!
I have the Particuliere and love that color. I think the new ones are looking great but I think I wouldn't buy any of them.


Jules said...

Danke schön!
Wow, die Lacke sind echt cool!
Hätte auch mal gerne einen von Chanel.
Aber ich finde sie dann meist doch etwas teuer...
Liebe Grüße und schon einmal ein schönes Wochenende!

Collette Osuna said...

How gorgeous....Ive been seeing these polishes everywhere...I really MUST get some..and soon!
Have a Fashionable Day:)
Statements in Fashion Blog

Linh said...

Danke für dein Kommentar!

F. said...

Coole Farbe!

ChristingC said...

wow you found a great alternative!!! thanks for your sweet comment!!



That is a FAB color! Love it!

Thanks for stopping by G&G!

♥ V


Franzi said...

der nagellack ist von catrice in der Nuance 'Blue's Brothers 260' :)

x franzi

Maria Evans said...

I (L) your military polish, is gorgeous!!!
I will try to find it for the next autumn.


PS: I post a random of my summer nail polish, hope u like it!! See u there! =)

La Jodi3 & La Couture Also Known as Jaelin B. and Tiara H. said...

i like the colors of the chanel nail polish and that shade looks very lovely on you!

Anonymous said...

I like the color you got! Don't know if it would suit my skin color, but i might just try it.

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

Priscilla said...

die Farbe ist klasse & mal was anderes ;)

minnja said...

Loooove it :)))


Alina said...

OMG, irgendwie hätte ich alle gerne, so als Nagellack-Junkee ;D

Anonymous said...

omg, your blog is amazing!! :)
i just followed it!
would be great if YOU could follow me back :)


agnes said...


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