10 Nov 2014


Selam :) I'm in Germany at the moment. Visiting family and friends :) Went to Hamburg with my friend at the weekend. Still recovering from it. We did shopping, sightseeing and party... I think Im mainly recovering from the party haha Loved Hamburg. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Of course it can't live up to London but I don't think there are many cities that can live up to London. I'm in serious love with London :) Really want to move and live in another country but not sure how I'm going to leave London. 

Anyway, I thought I will post couple of pics on my Halloween outfit :) I went to two Halloween parties. One was just a DnB gig on the 31st and the real Halloween party was on the 1st November. The actual halloween party was a rocky horror themed party :) It was amazing. Loved my outfit :) What do you think? xxx Tugba
Corset and Skirt: Ebay, Face Tattoo: Facelace, Body Chain: H & M
Top: H & M, Pants: Topshop, Lace Bra: H & M, Face Tattoo: Claire's, Bangles: H & M


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