20 Aug 2010


I received an email today that the NEW Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is out :) I ordered it immediately :) Can’t wait to try it out. I’m a fake tan addict and love to try new products. So watch out my blog for a review soon :)

That’s what they say:

New to the range, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe has been four years in the making. During that time we've perfected our darkest, richest and most luxurious tan to date; one that offers a tan that will last longer than any other fake-tan product.

To create this ultimate dark, long-lasting tan, we've included more DHA active tanning agent than ever before. Because DHA is what causes the traditional 'fake tan smell', we've also included Scent Secure - a revolutionary new ingredient that locks out any chemical odours. So you can enjoy incredible natural-looking results for up to 10 days that leave you feeling fabulous.

Enriched with Ginko Biloba, Green Tea extract, aloe and Shea butter, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is a real treat for skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully nourished and smooth.

Easy to apply, it smoothes on evenly and fades evenly too, for beautifully even, olive-toned results every time.


Unknown said...

Lovely product, can't wait for your review. I'm selling Rimmel London tanning lotion in Light matte and Lancome flash bronzer. Do you think you're interested in them? Please shoot me an email if you are :)

ChristingC said...

thanks for the sweet comments :-)

I have been wanting to try this so can't wait to see your review!

about my American Apparel dress, I don't wear any shapewear underneath. I think the black one is quite forgiving, while some of the lighter shades can be a little more intimidating ;-)

Siru said...

Can't wait to hear what you say!

juliet xxx

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