10 Aug 2010

Sneak Preview

Heyo :) 

I'm back. Holiday is over but I'm glad to be back as I missed my house and I could not stand the heat anymore in Turkey :) I know I know you think I'm crazy but believe me it was just TOO hot. I was sweating 24 hours :( Anyway it was still a very nice holiday. 

I uploaded couple of pics for you guys :) Unfortunately, I don't have many pics as I forgot most days my digicam at home :-/

I'm off for now :) Need to catch up on my youtube guru videos :) 

P.S. Don't forget my £50 ASOS Voucher giveaway :) Click here. 



Unknown said...

hehe glad you had fun!
what food is that btw ? :)

Miranda said...

I love the denim romper!! I'm so into denim.

Claudet said...

gorgeous jumpsuit :) You look great and beautiful photos!


pelininstyle said...

Heyyy, Tugba WELCOME! Now it's my turn to go to Turkey;) Somebody should stay in blog world:)))
Your photos are lovely.
I thought about you when I was in London last week.Specially when I entered Primark because I learnt that shop from your blog. You are right about going there:)
In September I will come to London again this time I hope we can meet up:)

Unknown said...

@London's-beauty They are yeast fritters in thick syrup :) YUMMY. U must try they are called LOKMA.

Unknown said...

@pelininstyle Pelinnnnnnnn :) Nice to hear from you. Oh nooo I missed u :( We def have to meet up in September. Please let me know :D Have a great time in Turkey. But beware its really hot :( :D

emilyf said...

these pictures are gorgeous! love the blog!

Unknown said...

who makes the satchel cross body bag? LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

@Carly The satchel bag is from Primark :) But quite old.

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