26 Aug 2010

GREAT NEWS for Shopaholics in the UK

Finally, we will be able to shop online at Zara and H&M :) Wohoooo! I was desperately waiting for it.

Zara's online shop will go live on 2 September and H&M two weeks later.

I'm over the moon.

Who else was desperately waiting for it??


Unknown said...

can't wait for the Zara online shop!!!

(new post: Fransen und Federn & follow me)

Lala said...

oh my god, that's great news! i never have enough time to go to all the shops so now i can internet window shop! :)

Liparazzi said...

YAH! I didn't know about that! I love both shops so I can wait! woo hoo! Thanks for the heads up! p.s. you look fabulous in your blog profile pic!Loving the retro glam look!

Anonymous said...

amaze! actually this is really not a good idea in terms of my funds !
haha. thanks for your comment gorgeous! x

My Lack of Style said...

I live in The Netherlands and I'm ADDICTED to the H&M online shop, you will enjoy it! ;)

♥♥ Indah Julia ♥♥ said...

Seriously? Oh YES!!!! Thanks for the heads up xx

Yocohoto said...


Stina said...

This was about time. Can't believe it took them that long. But still, on line now.. It'll be dangerous for my bank balance ;)

iUnderEye said...

omg that is amazing news!!! how did i not know this? thanks for the update i will most definitely b back soon x


Unknown said...

Hi darling!
thank you so much for your lovely comment in my blog, so sweet!!
I never been in your blog before, but I feel in love with your amazing style and your gorgeous pictures!
I really want to put your blog in my favourites if you doesn't mind!
xxx darling!:)


Best news I've heard all year!!

xx Black Adder Fashion

Danielle Barbe said...

i had no idea about this - i'm thrilled! we have no zara out where i live. problem solved!

Laura* said...

Hey :) Danke für dein Kommentar!
Gummistiefel sind nicht so meins. Weiß auch nicht. Aber vielleicht finde ich eines Tages ja welche, die mir absolut zusagen und ich zuschlagen muss. Wer weiß.
Brauche auf jeden Fall auch was wasserdichtes weil ich ja noch zur Schule gehe :)

Konnte man in UK nicht vorher bei H&M schon bestellen? :O


Anonymous said...

Danke fürs Kommi.
Und du hast recht :)
Wenn man die Zeit dazu findet und richtig durchwühlt würde man aufjedenfall was finden. Aber wie gesagt, hatte ich auch meine Karte nicht dabei :/ Das nächste mal..wenn es ein nächstes mal gibt :P werde ich mir sicherlich viel mehr Zeit nehmen.

btw. richtig tolles Blog.

Ich folge dein Blog. hihi



Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

eeeeeeeeeee online zara :)

Sherrie Cola said...

At long last!!

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