21 Apr 2010


After reading good reviews, I finally bought LA ROCHE-POSAY HYDRAPHASE XL from Boots. As I am getting older my skin is getting drier and duller. In my teenage years I had really bad acne.  I used for many years oil free light lotions. Therefore, buying Hydraphase was a big change for me. Anyway what do I think of it??? I LOVE ITTTT :D It is worth every penny of the £16. I have been using it for a month now and it is super moisturising, does not feel greasy and it makes my skin super super soft and smooth. My face looks really fresh and vibrant. And the best is, I did not have any breakouts. I am now thinking of getting the under eye cream as well. 

Has anyone any experiences with La Roche-Posay products? I would love to hear more.




pelininstyle said...

I did :) Actually my skin is very dry specially in the winters and I used the moisturizer for dry skin this year and it worked.

Unknown said...

Hi :) Did you use the same moisturiser? Did you try any other products of this brand? I love hydraphase. Cant stop raving about it hehe

Margaret said...

my friend uses that! and i'm thinking about getting some. it sounds amazing.
love your blog!
great posts
stop by some time xx

Taylor Sterling said...

No, but my skin sounds like it could use some. :)

pelininstyle said...

Tugba,mine is called TOLERIANE-Soothing Protective Skin Care. Normal to Combination Intolerant Skin.The problem about my skin is:
I have combination skin. But the worst type:)) Because the T-zone is oily and the other parts are dry!:))) So the cream I should use should be a water based hydrating cream. And also the dry parts seem to be very sensitive:) That's why at the pharmacy they recommended this one. I will try yours,too. I think it can work:)

Unknown said...

:D Do that and let me know how you get on...


pelininstyle said...

Well,this one is about to come to an end:) So I think the next La Roche Posay product will be yours:))

Anonymous said...

love your blog, keep it up! it's a great source of inspiration
thanks for sharing!
and thanks so much for your sweet comments!


Annabel said...

ohhh thanks for the recommendation--love your blog!

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